Athabasca Tar Sands - Let's See How the Left Really Wants Energy Independence

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I realize that this is about energy, however I felt that this needed to be discussed in the politics section.

    Canada's Athabasca Tar Sands pit is smack dab in the middle of the second largest oil reserve in the world, only behind Saudia Arabia. Estimated at about 175 BILLION (that's with a "B") barrels of oil. Right now we get about 10% of our oil from these oil sands in Canada. There are plans to double the production. There are also plans to construct a pipeline that will take this oil from northwest Canada to refineries in Texas. Ten years ago, Conoco Phillips developed and started using a system that will extract oil that is too deep to mine. It involves two horizontal pipes, one that shoots steam into the sand that loosens the oil and the other pipe, which collects the oil and transports it to the surface.

    The big beneficiaries of this are several fold. First, the trucks that carry the tar sands are made by Catepillar. The pipeline to be constructed will be done by union people out of Texas and Oklahoma and will be financed by those incredibly evil oil companies WITHOUT the use of federal monies. The pipeline itself will take just over a year to construct and will create thousands of well paying jobs. Not to mention the energy security that it will promote and less oil coming from middle eastern nations.

    Now here's the kicker. The left of course, doesn't like this one bit. First of all, the "tree huggers" are suing to stop the mining because it's going to damage the environment. Never mind that no one lives within hundreds of miles of this area. They also don't like it because the very construction of this pipeline will "damage the environment."

    You think that if we won't use it that it won't be extracted? China, Japan and other asia nations are pumping billions into this area simply because it's a hundred fold more stable than the middle east and if we don't want it, they certainly do.

    So, if you think that the left in this country is for jobs and energy security, you are absolutely DEAD WRONG! Naturally, since the pipeline goes from Canada to the U.S. the State Department has to get involved. You think Hillary is going to stand for jobs and energy security over tree hugging?
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