Arlington County Board Acknowledged ACAAR Errors

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    Greetings to All:

    I received an email from the Arlington County Board in reference to errors and omissions in the Arlington County After-Action Report (ACAAR). (The actual email they are responding to is my Complaint to the Inspector General email found here.)
    My original 2007 email highlighting ACAAR errors and omissions to Jacquelyn Brown is posted below:

    Hi Jacquelyn Brown: 11/08/07

    Thank you for writing.

    Factual errors. I have been investigating this Pentagon case for some time now and have found many errors in the ACAAR where your data contradicts information in other reports, timelines and time stamped News Video footage. All ACAAR page number references are from the PDF counter. Some examples are:

    ACAAR Google Docs ACAAR PDF Format

    1. ACAAR Page 200 Timeline says, 9:38 a.m. American Airlines Flight #77, carrying 58 passengers and a crew of 6, crashes into the Pentagon.

    Page 2 of the FAA Timeline says,

    Conclusion: The ACAAR Timeline is off by six minutes. Your report records this error, because you fail to realize ‘on station’ Fort Meyer Foam 161 firemen Alan Wallace and Mark Skipper ( ) were injured during the 9:31:39 AM First Explosion when the Quartermaster-calibrated Navy Clock stopped at exactly 9:31:39 AM with the Army Heliport Clock stopping within the same minute.


    All of the pre-9:32 AM “First Explosion” evidence can be seen in Post #2 here: Loose Change Website - Version 2.0

    Both firemen hid under their vehicles for the 4 minutes and 48 seconds until the ‘second attack’ taking place at exactly
    9:36:27 AM to stop the second series of Pentagon Clocks.

    The West Wedge E-Ring Wall had a single small entry hole between 9:31:39 AM and 9:36:27 AM, when Terry Cohen rushed to the scene from just 100 feet away to report “Just Smoke” ( n_11_34_witness_pent.avi ).

    [ame=""]Terry Cohen Sees "Just Smoke"[/ame]

    Lloyd England the taxi driver standing in the middle of Washington Avenue between 9:30 AM and 9:36 AM reported to Barbara Honegger to seeing only “inside-the-building fires” ( ), until the “Big Boom” ( LP: Lloyd, Survivors' Fund Project Survivor Story[Pentagon Crash Survivor] ) at 9:36:27 AM corresponding to Terry Cohen’s “Terrible Explosion” taking place ‘after’ the original 9:31:39 AM attack. All of the evidence says your 9:38 AM Flight 77 crash time is much too late to coincide with either of these explosions.

    2. The ACAAR says, 9:55 a.m. Captain Gibbs evacuates impact area.

    This is simply a misstatement of the facts, because we have Live News footage showing firemen in the impact area fighting the fire beyond the
    9:55 am time.
    The News 4 footage shows the E-Ring roof standing at 10:22 AM and firemen fighting the fire, between times ‘you say’ an evacuation order was underway. Your Report language is very clear that the area was evacuated four times:

    Since the ‘all clear’ was given at 10:38 AM (Page 201), then quite obviously you have many contradictions in this Report.

    3. The ACAAR says, 9:57 a.m. Structural collapse in impact area
    This is one of the most blatant fabrications in the entire Report that places the E-Ring Roof collapse ‘before’ 10:00 a.m. in direct contradiction to all the TV News ‘time stamped’ evidence. You just saw a straight unbroken E-Ring roof line in the News 4 footage above at 10:22 am, even though they included a second camera cut of the E-Ring wall collapsed from a later time. This is my Pentagon Timeline Thread ( Loose Change Website - Version 2.0 ) where the actual event times are broken down into seconds in many cases. The evidence for a 10:15 AM E-Ring wall collapse is here:

    Time Stamped 10:15 Collapse >> CBS Sept. 11, 2001 9:54 am - 10:36 am : CBS 9, Washington, D.C. : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

    Personally I believe the E-Ring roof collapsed after 10:38 AM [confirmed to be 10:15:16 AM], because your firemen are busy fighting the fire ‘during’ the collapse shown here:


    Stop the counter at
    00:26/00:37 and you will see ArlingtonCounty firemen manning the hose behind the “Live9” News logo and a firemen standing directly in the center of the screen walking to the left. You cannot have a ‘roof collapse time’ during the same time that the ‘evacuation order’ is given, because of your “Each time an evacuation was ordered, firefighters interrupted operations . . .” clause. Remember the ‘evacuation’ orders are given at 9:55 am for the impact area and we are looking at the impact area. Even if you want to water down the evacuation order and back that up to 10:15 AM with Chief Schwartz’s order, the E-Ring roof is collapsing ‘after’ 10:22 AM from the News 4 time stamped video, or the 10:15 AM time from the “9 Breaking News” video. Since you definitely have firemen fighting the E-Ring fire at the time of the E-Ring roof collapse, then you need to decide if that was ‘after’ the 10:38 AM “all clear” was given, OR if no evacuation order was given at the specified times. Personally I see no way for the ACAAR Board to revise your sworn statements apart from conducting a new investigation into the log entries of all ArlingtonCounty and attached fire trucks.

    4. We have reports of ‘many’ explosions taking place between 9:31:39 AM and 10:15:16 AM from Official Timelines like this ( 9/11 Timeline of Chaos ) to actual Live time stamped News footage like this:


    Listen to this witness telling his story about many explosions (plural with an “s”), as they are going off in the background (4 of them) during this three minute interview between 10:12 AM and 10:15 AM. However, the ACAAR uses the term “explosion” (singular) only six times with ‘all’ of them references to your errant 9:38 AM Explosion that ‘never’ even took place. I have studied all the available evidence in a vain attempt to find just one time stamped piece of 9:38 AM explosion evidence and ‘none’ exists anywhere. Your entire 215 Page Report never uses the term “explosions” even one time telling this investigator that your ACAAR has been keyword sanitized to exclude evidence vital to any serious Pentagon investigation. You have no testimony from the two key trucks responsible for fighting this fire from the impact area. NONE. There is not one mention of Fort Meyer Rescue Engine 161 or Foam Unit 331 plainly visible in all these News videos and in the Public Action Reports ( ) and supporting articles ( ). The testimony from these Engine 161 and Foam 331 firemen is vital to telling the story of what really happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 and that testimony has been purposely omitted to hide the evidence of ‘all’ these explosions deliberately set off to bring the E-Ring roof down as near 9:31:39 AM as humanly possible. Your ‘cooked’ 9:57 AM roof collapse Timeline entry is a complete fabrication to give credibility to the “Flight 77 Crashed Here” Cover Story, when there is no evidence that any 100-Ton Jetliner crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.




    I can show you E-Ring wall pre-collapse pictures all day long that all say “No 100-Ton Jetliner Crashed Here.” A real 100-Jetliner has hundreds of time-change parts with serial numbers married into the aircraft registration numbers notifying maintenance personnel when those registered parts must be changed. Retired Colonel George Nelson is an expert in this field and gives his testimony here:

    Physics911, by Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven, 9/11/2001

    The FBI has failed to produce a single time-change part from ‘any’ of the four 9/11 Jetliners including Flight 77. Until the ACAAR Board sees evidence that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, then your sworn testimony should reflect the evidence. The FBI-produced Flight Data Recorder evidence given to the National Transportation Safety Board . . .

    . . . places their phantom Flight 77 ‘beyond’ Pentagon airspace at the Official 9:32 AM FAA ‘aircraft crash’ time, which means their 100-Ton Jetliner had nothing to do with that First Explosion. Jim Ritter’s testimony is completely fabricated and cannot be supported by any evidence at all. NONE. If you read through his commentary, you will see the last time given to their bogey is 9:15:15 AM. His conclusion that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37:45 AM going 530 miles per hour is disproved by looking at one piece of evidence. First of all, this is the Official NTSB “Brief of Accident” Report Adopted 03/07/2006 for Flight 77 Aircraft Registry Number N644AA:

    NTSB Report

    Look in the left-hand column to see “Destroyed” notation that fails to even mention the Engine Make/Model, Number of Engines, or other very important information for any serious investigation. You must realize that no 6-Ton Rolls-Royce Engines were ever found at the Pentagon and no sign of the 60 tons of high grade aluminum/titanium Jetliner frame, seats, landing gear, cargo, wing sections or the massive tail section. The government excuse is that the 100-Ton Jetliner vaporized into thin air from a hydrocarbon explosion, which is very much impossible. Please prepare yourself to look at one picture of a Flight 77 victim from the Official Government Photos. I apologize, but this is very important to establishing ‘the truth’ of what really happened for your Report:

    9-11 Research: Human Remains

    You can likely picture yourself seated just like this victim on a typical Jetliner flight, as I too have sat back in my seat with both arms resting in exactly this manner many times. However, if the 6-ton engines are missing from vaporization, then please explain how this victim can have no broken bones and not even a chipped tooth? Look down at his pants leg to realize his lower body is barely even burned. The victim’s expression says he was definitely unconscious when his body was burned using a torch held in a stationary position on his upper torso. Move down to the second picture and the victim on the left where his light blue stripped shirt has been pulled from inside his pants. You can see his wallet tucked inside his right-hand pants pocket, just like many men move their wallets up front when traveling for comfort and avoiding the risk of a pickpocket encounter. This victim’s body was exposed to some kind of heat source, but all of his bones appear in perfect alignment inconsistent with going through any Jetliner crash moving 530 miles per hour where the entire Jetliner is ‘Destroyed’ to leave no evidence. Look in the background of these pictures to realize there is plenty of debris, but none of that is stored in any aircraft hanger part of any real investigation. The government recovered DNA from 184 of 188 victims, excluding their fantasy Bearded Jihadist Radicals, but they cannot produce even one time-change part proving Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon for establishing FBI jurisdictional authority over this case.

    If I may offer my opinion to the ACAAR Board from my insight into this Pentagon investigation: The ACAAR Board needs to gather together all the log entries from all your Arlington County and attached fire truck crews and amend your statements to coincide with what really happened on 9/11 without regard the DoD/FBI/Bush Administration cronies doing everything to micromanage ACAAR content for their well-orchestrated Cover-Up operation. Your “First Explosion” aircraft crash Timeline entry should agree 100 percent with the FAA Official Timeline entry and NOT what the Feds are forcing you to enter in your Report. The ACAAR Board should petition the State of Virginia to open an investigation into the 9:32 AM aircraft crash that definitely has NOTHING to do with any 100-Ton Jetliner or Flight 77. This Pentagon fire is being characterized as a “60-Hour Witness Assassination” ( portland imc - 2004.01.16 - 9-11 PENTAGON FIRE COVER-UP: "rescue" as 60 hr. witness assassination ) by Carol Valentine the President of Pubic Action Incorporated casting many shadows on Arlington County Firefighter Actions during this period. Navy Intelligence is on the case, as the Navy Operations Center was the target of the 9:31:39 AM missile strike ( ) and the ACAAR Board does not want to be caught flatfooted holding up this piece of “Loyal Bushie” Disinformation pointing the finger straight back at you as an accomplice. At this point you do not need me to run down your Page 200 ACAAR Timeline and point out the obvious contradictions to the evidence, but you need to begin again and establish the facts from your own internal reports that ‘do’ verify every single word in this email to be 100 percent 911Truth.

    My vision of firemen is that of heroes running into burning buildings to save our fellow Americans and I would very much like to continue holding our public servants up in the very best light possible. While I feel the Arlington County Fire Department has not purposely worked to mislead anyone, I do believe the DoD and Bush Administration has twisted many arms to deliver us a watered down version of what really happened on 9/11. I am happy to appear before your Board and give a presentation of the facts in this case, if that will help you in anyway. Please write or call if I can be of any service.

    More Expert Testimony >> [ame=]AA77 DID NOT Crash Into The Pentagon[/ame]

    God bless you,

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