CDZ Are politicians in US like Ahok too?

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    Ahok was a governor of Jakarta.

    One day one company violate the law. Ahok allows the company to get off if the company pays the government 600 billion rupiah. (about 36 million dollar).

    The company says it will build a bridge. The cost is calculated to be 500 billion. Ahok looks at the calculation and got angry. He said let's recompute.

    They recompute the cost. It became 360 billion. At the end there is 300 billion.

    Are politicians, even those in US, like Ahok?

    What happened to Ahok?

    He's now in jail.

    He told people once that they may be lied to by using religion. His purpose is to tell some fisherman that even if they're being lied to and he's not their next governor, his program will still work and they will still make money.

    His political opponents spin that and use that to imply that he is insulting islam.

    Ahok is in jail for 2 years.

    I wonder. What can we do to make more people like Ahok?
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