Answer Is "U.N. Missionairies!" (What Comes After Laissez Faire?)

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    The Republican Non-Events leading up to 2012, November, have already ejected MediCare reform from any of their agenda. Prior to the MidTerms, they had also ejected any pretense of an economic reovery from any part of their agenda.

    Voters worldwise may wonder at how famine, following floods, in the United States will be addressed. The advanced, and socialist, nations of the planet set their populations to public works. In the United States, since construction trades were moribund, then the Ivy League sent all of the money to the teachers and bureacrats instead--at least a third of it. Another third went to tax relief. A "Preservative" Agenda became liberal, U. S. economic policy. "Stimulus" spending became a roof over outhouses in Park near Mammoth Lakes--of the more "Earl Butz, former Agriculture Secretary, kind of agrarian reform.

    Laissez Faire the Republicans and Ivy League Educated know about.

    The alternative was libertarian and mostly laissez faire. The Paul Family Libertarians tend to a government that nurtures a market economy. Laissez faire provides for no regulation whatsover. In the following link, anyone sees that the 17th Century was not prepared for anything like drought and famine, and on a worldwide basis--originating in events in disparate and several nations.

    Drought in East Africa likely to Persist as Global Temperatures Continue to Rise | WWF Climate Blog

    In the real of Stupid Monarch jokes, there would mainly be neo-Marxist, Abraham Lincoln,"The Cheap:" Who might have bought into a Liberian Movement Solution, in Costa Rica, instead. In East Africa, there is widespread drought, people animal agains humanity, and engaging the United Nations, (who helped cause it all), instead.

    Public Works includes natural disaster prevention projects. In the San Fernando Valley, in the United States--albeit in Blue State Los Angeles--there are entire flood control prevention achievements from the Roosevelt Administration in place. My own oldest brother whisked from the cradle, in the flight to high ground, in 1937. Water had only come to Los Angeles in 1917, at the completion of the Mulholland Project. My own grandfather had dug only the third successful well in the San Fernando Valley, up to that time. 2.0 mil. people now live in the area. Solving it all took major projects funding, putting people to work in the trades--now the repository of the 99ers.

    Laissez Faire is not about public works solutions engaging the trades.

    The Ivy League Liberals are not about public works solutions engaging the trades.

    Even East Africa would welcome a monsoon, propelled the Trades(?)!

    The Libertarians would not even be said sufficently Socialist, to even embrace the anarchy of Widespread Wealth Worldwide. The Party of Abraham Lincoln now easily would be said to have something more like East Africa, or Haiti, in their agenda.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (White Eyes take Buffalo from Lands of Many Nations: Probably since Buffalo mostly knows about Lake Effect Snow(?)! East Africa knows even high-tech originated, drought.)

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