Another young man gone.

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    ' A British soldier has been shot dead by a man wearing an Afghan army uniform, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

    The soldier from 28 Engineer Regiment, attached to 21 Engineer Regiment, was killed in the southern Helmand province on Monday evening.

    Isaf spokesman Major Martyn Crighton told Sky News: "A International Security Assistance Force Service member from the United Kingdom died yesterday when an individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform turned his weapon against both Afghan National Army soldiers and Isaf troops at Patrol Base Hazrat, which is in Nahr-e Saraj district.

    "During the engagement the attacker was killed and there were some other folks who were wounded. They were subsequently taken to an Isaf medical facility to be treated."

    The soldier's family have been informed of the death.

    British Soldier Killed By 'Uniformed Afghan' - Yahoo! News UK

    How many more need to be killed before the policy of arming, training and trusting muslims is recognised as being wishful thinking ? :frown:

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