Another two guys in a bar joke

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    Two friends are in a bar talking when one says, "I've got something amazing to show you."

    He reaches into his bag and pulls out a small piano and puts it on the bar. Then he goes back to the bag and lifts out a one foot tall man in a tuxedo.

    The little guy sits down at the piano and plays the most beautiful music you ever heard.

    His friends says, "That IS amazing! Where'd you get him?"

    "I found a genie in a bottle, but he only gives one wish. Why don't you ask him for something?"

    "Great!", he says to the genie, "I want a million bucks."

    Soon the door to the bar opens and in walks a duck and then another duck and then another duck and then...,well you get the picture.

    The second guy says, "Hey, I said I wanted a million bucks, not a million ducks!"

    "Oh yeah", says his friend, "I forgot to tell you he's a little hard of hearing. You don't think I asked for a 12 inch pianist, do you?"

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