And Then There Is A Lack Of Credit Markets

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    Though Kenya is relatively well-developed, what with thousands of UN offices and aid workers getting paid: Still anyone has to wonder how the rest of Kenya lives, in the absence of a credit market! Anyone is reminded, in fact, of school.

    Anyone is reminded, in fact of the odds of survival post-graduation from a Washington, D. C., school district high school! This is a Reagan Trajectory loving Washington, D. C.: Run Amok

    Anyone will scoff, saying that Washington, D. C. too--is heavily engaged in the credit market(?) and that after all: Even California is in a drought(?). Scoffers are like that! Both jurisdictions, in fact, can send in Medical Marijuana licenses: In light of all the suffering, and all the pain. Help for the aid workers, and the UN Offices, can be on the way, just like that!

    The commitees of Oslo are also up on world aspirations, apparently, any more! It is noted that mostly, in fact, the entire planet has done nothing!

    So it neither takes a Marxist, nor a Presybterian, to understand the first civilization requrement, of centrally regulated credit markets, required in modern economies. People from Kenya, allegedly, could figure this out.

    Usually, even planning is involved.

    The concept of a planned economy, is about that difficult, just like the concept of "intended in the law!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (It just goes to the problem of Poverty on our planet, post-collapse! Some people simply brought it on themselves, say the smart people!)
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