An Answer To Our Economic Future. A Reasonable Solution.

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    I don't know about yall, but I can sense the veil being removed, and the world getting pushed back in time. A lot of turmoil is in front of us currently. This is the worst it has ever been, and there are 7 billion people. Of the American population, there are almost 153 million people in the civilian labor force. The amount of Civilian non-institutional population is roughly 240 million Americans. This means that roughly 86 million Americans are unemployed. This is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics/U.S. Department of Labor. Table A-1.

    The Employment Situation - September 2011
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    We have no jobs. There are hard to come by. Even basic jobs. What is going to happen?

    There are two outcomes on the table for us to choose from:
    Outcome number 1 is bad, requires zero work, and will surely result in a survival-of-the-fittest type scenario:

    1. Keep spending. Pretend it's not about to happen. Live for yourselves. We fall. We fall so hard, America gets sent back to the stone-age. Martial Law ensues. We will turn on each other, and the most money in the world will not by you safety. Money doesn't mean anything when there is no one standing at the cash register to receive it from you. Preparing for the future can help, but you would need to start NOW. But panic isn't the thing we need. We need to work together.

    Outcome number 2 is hard work, but it is the only option available that can save us:

    2. We grow. We innovate. We create jobs. The only thing that can save us is creating new jobs, and having a low inflation rate. Growth is what we have got to have. That requires entrepreneurs.

    Most of the above information was taken from these 3 pages:

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    Of course all of this is common sense. We have just taken life for granted.

    This is what I do. My company Gr8erMinds LLC has 150+ inventions. They are all useful, and make life simpler. We live by the motto; "work smarter, not harder". So, we have all these inventions that help out in life, but also, they create jobs. I am very much Pro-America, but I am also Pro-Humanity. I cannot wait to introduce as many jobs as possible. It is my goal.

    We will be releasing 2 Android games shortly. These games will each be a dollar, or a dollar fifty if you buy them together. We have designed these games, because they are very inexpensive, but they allow us to create a revenue stream without going to banks, for we all know how hard it is to get money from them. The revenue from these 2 games will fund our new Precision Search/Networking Utility, PerSer(tm). PerSer(tm) is a complete consolidation effort of most of the current sites on the internet. We have taken many of the most widely used websites, and consolidating them into one, simple, private, integritous network, which simplifies communication in a way never before known, and opens the door which is Social Awkwardness, allowing anyone to meet people based on common interest.

    PerSer(tm) is the next Facebook. By all accounts, it should replace a lot of the internet as you know it.

    The reason I chose to start with the software side of my inventions is because they have the lowest overhead, and highest return. My manufactured goods, require a large amount of capital upfront to the manufacturers, distributors, engineers, and what not. PerSer(tm) is a multibillion dollar venture, and is only costing me $30,000 to create. Our games only cost $5,000 to make. They should return a nice profit, but we only need $30,000 to make PerSer(tm), and our games should be able to make that for us. PerSer(tm) creates jobs by creating money. It is also free to the end user, and always will be.

    My manufactured goods need people to make them. They will be made is America as much as possible. I am trying to help.

    When all of these goods have been manufactured and I have the funds, I will put out a call to the innovators, allow you to come forth, and I will create your designs. 30/70. 30 me/70 you. I will pay for everything. I should be able to start a few thousand new business with the ideas that I get from the planets population. Those business will have many job openings. This is what I am here to do.

    Keep watching to watch our rising.

    This is our chance. We do not get another.

    Thank you guys for listening. Hopefully I can help bring back the economy.

    Joseph Truax
    Owner/Founder Gr8erMinds LLC
    Owner/Founder PerSer Corp
    Owner/Founder Rag Tag Games Corporation
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    Not fucking there !
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    We have no jobs because liberals opppose jobs!!!

    1) Make unions illegal ( 10 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    2) make minimum wage illegal ( 5 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    3) end business taxation ( 5 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    4) make inflation illegal ( 2 million new jobs) Democrats oppose
    5) make Federal debt illegal( 2 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    6) send illegal workers home(8 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    7) Pass Balanced Budget Amendment to Constitution( 3 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    8) cut pay of government workers in half( 4 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    9) Make health insurance competition legal( 6 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    10) end needless business regulations ( 2 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    11) restrict Federal spending to 15% of GNP( 2 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    12) support unlimited free trade( 2 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    13) reduced unemployment compensation, welfare, food stamps, medicaid.( 2 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    14) privatize education, social security ( 4 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    15) end payroll taxes ( 1 million new jobs) Democrats oppose

    Since Democrats always oppose wisdom and common sense the only serious option is to make them illegal as the Constitution intended.

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