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    "The Rich Get Richer, And The Poor Get Poorer," because the laws of government actually codify that--even in their laws(?)!

    If an income at $1.0 mil. annually gets a 5% raise, and income at $4,000.00 annually gets a 5% raise: Then the high income gets a $50,000.00 raise, and the lower income gets a $200.00 raise. Since, "A price rise for one is a price rise for all," or however the French say it: Then statistically, there is an operational statement of how the Presbyterian, laizzez faire, (More French), aboriginie concept actually works, and worldwide!

    Whereas, "Pardon My French," is a widely known, English-speaking, concept: It would actually be better stated, "Pardon my Presbyterian Concept of French:" If it were actually to come down to a Professional Wrestling mat.

    Adam Smith was the recently departed, George Bush of his time: When it came to knowing a thing or two about nothing at all. He too, was probably a "decider," who knew about things, and decided. George Bush, the recently departed, is a brilliant(?) metaphor of the "intelligence" of governments, worldwide. Governments, in turn, rely heavily on Adam Smith, and his book, "Wealth of Nations(?)," even shown recently an absurdity on its face.

    Millions can see where this is leading.

    In Matthew 20::1-16, the more Hellenistic Jesus Christ--likely reminding the Israelites that they were a twice-conquered nation--by the superior technology, and tolerance, of the pantheon civilizations of Greece and Rome: Proposed to all in earhshot instead, Widespread Wealth Worldwide. If the scale of time had an early morning start, and a late afternoon ending: Then properly civilized, each worker hired at each time would get the daily Living Wage in remuneration. Of course, even in the story--the more aborigine, Presbyterian viewpoint prevailed. (a concept somehow lost on the followers and the faithful, even to this time). The workers hired first ranted on about having borne the heat and the toil of the day--Thinking that on that basis that they were worth more than the others(?).

    Anyone might say that, "Stupid is, as stupid does," and wonder why the first hired should have any life at all--(especially if they were Jewish, or however that might be said)--But in fact even then and even now: "Stupid Is," and "Stupid Does," tend to arrange pay rates by "more is better, and gets more." The rich should get richer, and the poor should get squat.

    Conservatives, call "Stupid Is" and "Stupid Does," "Back to Basics." The Stupid Presbyterian called it, "laizzez faire:" And believed in his (bleeding little aborigine heart) that he was explaining economics, and not destroying, "Wealth of Nations."

    Anyone can now see what he did.

    So what did the Reagan-era liberals in the United States Congress actually do? In the 1986Tax Reform, they raised and indexed the equal amount deductions called the "Standard Deduction," and the "Personal Exemptions," in the Tax Code. Indexing the equal amounts would account for relative loss of value of the measurement units (dollars) themselves: Due to the inflation.

    And so millions would come to be taken off the tax rolls, and "laizzez faire" would prevail(?). Widely unreported anywhere is the actual fact of the matter. The United States, its banks, and its corporations would slide further and further into bankruptcy. "The Global Economy" would become "Widspread Dismay Worldwide." And no would state that such was so.

    Like they had always done, The Swedes would hand out money, and send prizes in the name of "Dyn-o-mite!" Educated people would hire the recipients. Some people, that anyone can think of, what suggest that even more education was needed!

    So actually the indexed, equal-amount COLA, should be applied at the payroll source instead!

    The educated, and especially at the universities, however were appalled: And wll before 1985.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (So Close, and Yet So Far. . . .There is only a refundable, "chump change," U. S. federal income tax credit to show for it!)

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