America's coming rapid economic expansion

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    dependence on foreign energy, with the threats of supply disruption, and the decline of the manufacturing sector in the face of lower-cost foreign competition. Both problems are on the way to being reversed, the analysts argue.

    Robin West, a friend who is chairman of PFC Energy, a Washington-based advisory group. He argues in a series of recent reports to clients that because of the rapid expansion of oil and gas production from shale, America is likely to become by 2020 the world's No. 1 producer of oil, gas and biofuels -- eclipsing even the energy superpowers, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

    he BCG analysts estimate that by 2015, China's cost advantage will have shrunk to the point that many manufacturers will prefer to open new plants in the U.S. In the vast manufacturing region surrounding Shanghai, total compensation packages will be about 25 percent of those for comparable workers in low-cost U.S. manufacturing states. But given higher American productivity, effective labor costs will be about 60 percent of those in America -- not low enough to compensate U.S. manufacturers for the risks and volatility of operating in China.

    released a survey of executives at 106 U.S.-based companies with annual sales of over $1 billion. Thirty-seven percent of them said they were planning to reshore manufacturing operations or "actively considering" the move. Among larger companies with sales over $10 billion, the positive response rose to 48 percent.

    David Ignatius: America's plentiful future | Indianapolis Star |

    Now what bothers me are the differences between Democrats and Republicans. It's Republicans working with China and the Chamber of Commerce that moved millions of jobs to China from 2000 to 2008. China funds the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber gives to Republicans 9 to 1 over Democrats.

    Republicans have shaped our energy policy to be dependent on Arabian oil.


    Remember Cheney's secret meetings with energy companies? Only a conservative court could find that not illegal.

    To the point where our president has mouth kissed Arabian princes to get their acceptance. I was watching an interview with David and he said our electricity costs will be a third of the rest of world as our plants switch to natural gas. We know Republicans refuse to invest in infrastructure. Will they also block this. Will electing Republicans make the US permanent slaves to foreign countries for energy and manufacturing? Considering how they've leveled our manufacturing base during the Bush years and how they've tied us to foreign oil, I would say yes.
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    Seeing as 80% of the manufacturing jobs went overseas, where's that expansion coming from? What sector? Fast Food industry?

    If you mean rapid expansion of the money supply as the US Dollar loses Reserve status resulting in hyper-inflation then yeah, I could see that. But in that case the only rapid expansion will be in the unemployed.
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    Good question. There are a couple of roadblocks. First, it will take money to convert coal plants to natural gas. This could drop electricity to about a third of what it is now. Only Republicans have sworn to block any spending on infrastructure.

    Republicans want to keep us dependent on Middle Eastern oil Bush and Cheney proved that.

    The US has a much higher level of productivity and a higher standard of quality. Without an educated population, we can't maintain that level. Republicans have put us on the road to "undiscover fire".

    So we have a very long road. Not only do with have to deal with an aging infrastructure and invest in education, we also have an ignorant and superstitious population that seems to be working to take us back to the Civil War. They are at war with the world and the country they want us to turn in to, they themselves would never want.

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