Americans, Acting Now, One By One, Can Save This Nation

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    This is no joke.

    In fact it is the most real thing going at the moment.
    So please read and heed. You will be glad you did.

    God passed on to me exactly how the voters of this country can wrench this nation out of the encroaching chaos and return it to the hands of the voters again.

    Some would not read further, because God is not in their life at all,
    And they don't want to deal with anything where He is even mentioned. You may not believe in God, but if you believe in this nation, or your family at home, then force yourself to go on.

    After all, there are only a few steps required, and if every voter does each one, we will be saved from at least this major threat. From there, we can strive to recover further. This has to be the heartbeat of America for at least the next six years. If we make it that far, we will survive and grow healthy again.

    I say God, and I mean God, the one true God. But this is not for Christians and Jews only, it will take every able American to make it happen, with means all faiths, all religions, all cultures, and all races. I don't see exactly how to reach them all, but that is where each and every one of you has a role to play.

    If we do this, and it has to begin with you, so if you do this, then we can take America out of the hands of all radicals and extremists, giving us back a government that has been cleansed from the top on down.

    It begins with these words: "Vote of ONE". This means each and every one of us must register and vote. And not in just one or races, but in every race. I will give you the basic rules. Each of us must come to understand what this means, then work from there. Here are the rules:

    1.`You MUST be elgible, meaning registered and legal

    2. You MUST come to know at least two candidates for each position to be filled, you must know them about equally, they must both seem suitable candidates, and at least one cannot be of your party of choice.

    3. You MUST show up and vote, or vote as absentee if you absolutely have to. If you have any position where you only have one suitable candidate, you must check the grounds of the voting site for anyone that offers an unknown for that position and check provided information for that unknown first. You must do this until you have the needed two qualified and suitable candidates or just not vote that position

    4. You MUST NOT VOTE for any office position where you have less than two candidates in mind for consideration that you findy acceptable. If absolutely necessary, that if you personally have concluded bv your own efforts that all other candidates are unacceptable, then you can proceed to step 5. Otherwise you MUST invalidate the choice line for this position on your ballot, meaning fill in ALL THE CHOICE BOXES so that no one can come behind you and forge an entry in your name tghat votes this position.

    5, Only if fhe check test in (4,) is passed is it that you MUST VOTE for the one that is most qualified, most suited, or most likely to do a good job.

    6. YOU MUST NOT vote strickly alomg party lines, because this is where American politics always ends up taking us back to crime, greed, graft, abuse of office, and sabotauge of our finanial, legal, and justice systems. If not in this election then the next, or the next, or the next. It always happens without failure,

    Now if you can pledge yourself to faithfully do those six steps and live up to it, then there is only one last thing to do. GET THESE TREASURES HANDED US AS A GIFT FROM THE GOD OF OUR FOREFATHERS AND FOUNDERS OF THIS COUNTRY AND PUT THEM INTO THE HANDS OF EVERYONE YOU KNOW. If we all agree to do this, then we can each advance from having this as one of our badge or bumper stickers:

    Now if you do all the above, and have contacted everyone you know or have dealings with to get them involved, and you find you are getting a good result for your efforts, meaning they are becoming members of the new concept of ONE Vote has really taken hold where you have influence, then it may be time to add another badge or bumper sticker to the first:

    I would rather you not simply forward this to others, so do not do a Forward. Rather, start your own new message and use cut and paste to put the message out as your own.

    People are more likely to hear what someone they know tells them than the words of a stranger. I would be a stranger to them, but God should not be, and all this was revealled to me, but not in words. I merely was asked to put the words around what He passed to me. To me, that makes it a true treasure, even to me. And all I was trying to do is to find a way to truly serve Him, and I guess this is it.

    To the Dove Charismatic Ministries, this is your chance at redemption. That is from God as well,

    Now God has also revealled another set of steps that really apply to just some of us now, but all of us sooner or later.

    8. You MUST VOTE OUT those that have broken their faith with the people. Of Congress, only the original Democratic Blue Dogs and the 20 or so Republicans that have entered into an accord to work for the people are to be spared. All others must go. If that means Democrat vptes against a Democrat or Republican against a Republican, then that is what God demands of you to take this nation back to what it once was.

    9. You MUST DEMAND government and Constitutional reform. An essential basic right addition is required: No minority group or interest can ever again have a it where a minority rules over the vast majority. Prohibition wiped out companies that made quality beer and wine, only to have society accept crime and criminal syndicates as suppiers for their source, and we still live with the dregs of those days in the form of people willing to go outside the law, crime lords, drug lords, generations of youth trying to get high on something, and now mass crime based on things like meth intake, no prospects of work means drop out, no money means turn to basic crafts, like car and home breakins, carjackings, gang wars, rob a convenience store, and celebrate music and shows that give all the grisly details. All because one group sought to take one vice away for everyone, but it was not what Americans wanted. There are other occurances, and the worse one was done by the Supreme Court itself, a ruling that it still stands by and has pushed America on its face repeatedly. This was the new idea that it decided should have been in the Constitution, which is that any individual's likes and dislikes takes precidence over those of Society as a whole. The second part of that principle is that a decision by a court or judge can be then used to effectively write new law, and they did this by using an unwritten rule of Precidence. So they used an unConstitutional One Rules All principle, and tag another onto it that means we've been stuck with it ever since. The reason that we have been stuck is that most of the rest of us have tried to live with the law, and they are suppose to just ensure that all new laws comply with the Constitution, not set out to rewrite the Constitution and add new laws themselves. The Supreme Court must have full accountability to the people, which is why we need Congress to set up a simple and useable method of making an impeachment process startable and workable and force it though over any objections, and let's clean that branch next.

    The Congress must approve the use of all necessary force by the people, meaning that the military must be freed of the constraint of having a Commander in Chief and rely solely on the Joint Chiefs of Staff to maintain national security as we work out these issues among ourselves. Homeland Security and other law enforcement groups will all report directly to Congress until reassigned, and that has to be immediate.

    The President is now the PR man and front man for the new emerging nation, and such duties left to him will be decided on by the Congress of the new era.

    To deal with the Supreme Court and it's untouchable status and conflictive interest, especially in light of its frequent and repeated violation of the Constitution itself, an instrument it is sworn to uphold and interpret all law by, It must be placed in noncommunicative protection immediately and adequately guarded until determinations are made concerning Unconstitutional rulings, negligence, dereliction of duties, abuse of power, and exceeding authority, and applying party politics in decisions and in writing new law, which it is not authorized by the Constitution nor the people to do.

    The courts are not permitted to write new law, meaning the unwritten rule of precidence is no longer valid. Court rulings are case by case, not across the board. However, courts can still consider prior cases and rulings if they also consider the facts of each case and the reasons given for each ruling.

    The new Supreme Court has to be limited to examining all law for cases of Constitutional violations, and not override lower courts findings, but only ensure that applied laws and their use did not go against the spirit and intent of the Constitution. For the spirit, the Supreme Court must consult all known writings and statments attributed to the Founding Fathers. To go beyond that means the Congress must act, or the separate state legislatures must come to a new determination that will be binding on the nation and on the Supreme Court in future determinations.

    If the case is found to be in violation, it must be referred to the State Supreme Court which had jurisdiction over the original trial location for the manner of being resolved, which must then be approved by the DOJ. Each of the Supreme Courts has the power and right to set aside the Double Jeapordy clause in specific cases where the evidence on review clearly suggests that a guilty verdict should have been rendered. The case does not go back before the same judge and jury.

    Permitted to do. To act for it during this period, a member of each state Supreme Court will be designated to step in, but the limit of their zuthority is fixed.

    For the government, an impeachment process that is in place and works against any elected or appointed official of the government, A direct way to hold the president directly accountable to the Congress, not the whipping master of the Congress. Congress was to be the reigning voice of the people, the president merely a chief executive officer to carry out the people's will as expressed in programs and laws set up by congress. The president will never again be allowed to evade any system of checks and balances as some have done, which has resulted in Executive Orders having the power of law though not voted on or approved by the true governing arm, which is Congress, The Congress will forgo all laws and rules that place it outside the laws it imposes on all other Americans, and the GSA will be cloned and given the same accesses but placed under the Attorney General , who will now head up a fourth branch of government, to handle all lmatters related to Constitutional violations, auditing and possible anti-American activities, Judicional and Internal Investigative Services, and three groups together, a group from each house of Congress and a group from the DOJ, to exist independently of the other branches and able execute control over all federal courts, including the Supreme Court, This group will only report to the people directly, and its control is handed to a council composed of the Governor of each state in the Union, and that control includes the right to impeach, remove from office, conduct trials independent of the federal legal system so that only multiple appeals in state courts are possible, with a required overturn by the court system in each state where that state's separate appointment had rendered a guilty final vote in a court set up by the state legislatures, and its determinations will be binding to the point that anyone found guilty of any major misdeed can be denied the right to hold any future office or be part of any company, corporation, or educational system that is funded in part with federal money or grants, or which does business with the federal government. These are, after all, a form of treason against the people.

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