America Sleeps! Obama Wins, Economy Wins, Planet Wins!

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    The U. S. House of Representatives likely remains anti-planet, anti-economy, and anti-Virginia, or whatever state. Obama is at least over 300 electoral votes in the United States, while millions can go back to sleep.

    Even these people say so, and moreso likely later on!

    Obama defeats Romney to win second term, Fox News projects | Fox News

    Customers will again be allowed into stores, despite the supporters of Romney-Ryan, opposed to that!

    Romney has even called Obama, officially conceding that his brand cannot stand Americans, having paying customers in the stores. . . .or maybe something else.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!'
    (Many now easily come to Lands of Many Nations, thanks to customers allowed in stores, even in Southern Stores!)

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