America attacks American & British Forces In Iraq

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American forces in Iraq attack American & British forces

  1. Friendly fire

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  3. American military conspiracy

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    April 6: The US military says three American soldiers are killed and five are injured in an accident involving an F-15 Eagle fighter jet and coalition troops on the ground.

    The US Central Command is also investigating another similar incident that reportedly left one US soldier dead and several injured.


    March 22: A British Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado jet is accidentally shot down by a US Patriot missile. The Tornado's two crew are killed.

    March 24: Two British soldiers are killed when their tank is mistakenly targeted by another British tank in southern Iraq.

    March 27: 37 US Marines are injured when US troops mistakenly fire at each other near the southern city of Nasiriyah.

    March 28: A British soldier is killed and four others are injured in the region of Basra when a US A-10 ground attack aircraft fires on them.

    April 2: An F-18 US fighter jet is downed, probably by a US Patriot missile. The pilot is reported missing.

    April 3: A US serviceman mistaken for an Iraqi soldier is shot dead by his own troops in central Iraq.

    April 6: 18 Kurdish fighters are killed and 45 wounded near Arbil in northern Iraq when US aircraft mistakenly bomb a joint US-Kurdish convoy.

    According to the website of the American War Library, just over half of the coalition troops killed or injured during the 1991 Gulf War were victims of friendly fire incidents.

    Of those, about 165 US casualties were due to "friendly fire" out of a total of 367 Americans who lost their lives, it said.


    March 22: A US soldier at a camp in Kuwait lobs grenades into the tents of fellow soldiers, killing two and wounding 11 others.

    March 30: 15 American soldiers are injured at a military camp in northern Kuwait when a disgruntled Egyptian employee rams a truck into the group. The truck driver sustained two gunshot wounds.

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