AMERICA and AMERICAN JUSTICE are a well protected MYTH

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    Both derive from the original sin of Master Mason George Washington, who was not a rebel but a Royalist. He came to Boston with Zionist money, Hessian mercinaries, and 7m acres of land grant from the King of England, along with the other founding fathers, who also had land grants and were Masons. He and the other founding fathers were bent on nation building, like Kharzid in Afganistan, and Malechi in Iraq. The Hessians drove the colonists off the land they developed for over 100 years .. all they wanted was the right to own the land (a fee), just as prisoners' descendants in England were allowed to do!!!!! Instead, the King sent (Freemasonry sent) the devils, to drive them off their lands, without any payment. Quarter master reports for the Constituional Army make it clear why the "rebel army" consisted of colonists run off their lands (they needed food!!!).

    Perhaps now you can understand why property was the most important issue dealt with at the Constitutional Convention!? Perhaps you can understand why slaves were Washington, et al's idea, and the WE THE PEOPLE were the Royalists (Washington, et al) and not the
    colonists (most of whom fled to Canada)!? Before him and the other devils, there were only family farms, but with 7,000,000 acres, slaves were a necessity!! Freemasonry is responsible, and its the virous that McCain believes will take "100years" to infect the population of Iraq, and Afganistan, to the point these infected lands will be an extension
    of our disease, and be compatible with our leadership, as we have been compatible with that of England's!! Hitler, and the Nazi's had it right ..they tried to get rid of the Zionist-Freemason virous consuming Germany!!

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