Alternates to the iPod Nano?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Zoom-boing, Nov 19, 2010.

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    So two years ago we gave the special needs boy and the youngest daughter ipods for Christmas. They were the first two ipods ever purchased in this house. The boy got the oldest's 1st gen 1GB nano and the daughter got the hubs 2nd gen 2GB nano.

    The boy's ipod broke within 6th months . . . the lock button broke and it broke in the locked position.

    So I got a new one and gave my 1st gen 2GB to him. (this is my fav ipod; loved the design)

    That worked great until he dropped it on the patio this past May.

    So the hubs bought a new on and gave his 2nd gen 2GB to the boy.

    That one lasted about three months until he . . . .dropped it on the patio (despite be told repeatedly to not take the damn thing outside.)

    So, we made him pay us his last $50 from birthday money and let him buy the youngest's ipod (the hubs original one) and we kicked in another $50 and she got an early Christmas present of a refurbished 5th gen nano for $100. Sweet. He was only allowed to listen to it inside or in the car/bus . . . no outside at all . . . and he had to keep it in the case (for extra protection).

    <sigh> The boy knelt on his ipod the other night. The screen is cracked and nothing will come up on there. However, the music still plays.

    He will eventually get another mp3 player but no more ipods because they are too expensive and any future purchases are on him. Oh, did I mention that he also broke his digital camera he got for his birthday in June? Accidentally dropped it with the lens open and . . . . yeah, it's done for. We're not paying to replace that either. We've already told him that any money he gets for Christmas/birthday/graduation will be used to replace the things he keeps breaking.

    Anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive but reliable mp3 players? We've been searching around. Sony Walkman has one for $60 at Best Buy. Anyone have any experience with that brand or any other brands? I know if he gets a cheap-o $30 player it will just not last but there must be reliable players in the $70 range?

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