Ajay/Mordred/Cyclonus: DreamWorks College [Rand Corp?]

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    Does consumerism-consciousness necessarily have to be mechanical?



    AJAY: I can't stop thinking about this female anime character, Jane Royal.
    CYCLONUS: It's Saturday night, and you're home watching anime --- how lazy.
    MORDRED: Go West young man and make babies for Earth.

    AJAY: I'd rather worship Jane.
    CYCLONUS: Idol-worship is an activity of Satan.
    MORDRED: Are you obsessed with the niceties of a cartoon character?

    AJAY: It's not that; I feel like Jane is beauty with privacy combined.
    CYCLONUS: You mean she'll entreat your manliness but won't bother you!
    MORDRED: That's called...a prostitute!

    AJAY: I had a different notion; what if Yale's dean was a beautiful young woman?
    CYCLONUS: I suppose Yale male students would be more 'inspired.'
    MORDRED: After all, there's nothing wrong with Athena, Aphrodite, etc.

    AJAY: Well, the Greeks loved goddesses, but we modernists love celebrities.
    CYCLONUS: Celebrities are demi-gods too; since media is like a 'net.'
    MORDRED: We should start a DreamWorks mini-association --- a think-tank!

    AJAY: We'll call it the 'Rand Corporation' --- invested in She-Hulk and Sheena.
    CYCLONUS: Gorgeous female comic book characters and anime characters.
    MORDRED: We'd draw in every geek/freak and handicapped morbid soul.

    AJAY: Hey for a number of sterile people, imagination is an alternative to sex.
    CYCLONUS: True; Rand Corp would stand for mercy, creativity, and privacy.
    MORDRED: Maybe we could generate nurse dolls who resemble Barbie.


    AJAY: Yes, there's a philosophical splendor in 'aesthetics.'
    CYCLONUS: Well, we might help the insane and the sterile...
    MORDRED: Who knew cartoons/entertainment could be trophies?

    AJAY: Well, there's a flurry of avatars in modern media.
    CYCLONUS: We'd have to sift through thousands of 'candidates.'
    MORDRED: I say Rand Corp filters down the list to 5 ideal candidates.

    AJAY: How about She-Ra, Supergirl, She-Hulk, and Strawberry Shortcake?
    CYCLONUS: Yes! We'd use 'toys' and 'art' to characterize human behavior!
    MORDRED: The press will say, "The Rand Corp is the new Disney."

    AJAY: Is there a way to coordinate marketing with impressionism?
    CYCLONUS: Of course...all we have to do is celebrate Freudian folklore!
    MORDRED: Consumerism would finally be a 'tower' for psychic recordings.



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