Again!! Tb joshua prophecy comes to pass

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    As Nigeria's nationwide strike enters its seventh day amidst heightened international concerns and consequent rising oil prices, it has emerged that a prominent Christian pastor had accurately predicted the current events three months earlier.T.B. Joshua, the controversial pastor of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) based in Lagos, Nigeria, has released a video via his YouTube channel with the words he is purported to have spoken on Sunday 16th October 2011.T.B. Joshua has a reputation for accurate predictions. His ministry website claims he has prophesied numerous major international events such as the death of iconic musician [ame=""]Michael Jackson.[/ame] He is also well known as a philanthropist, giving foodstuffs and millions of Naira and dollar to several less privileged [ame=""]communities[/ame] in Nigeria and other nations of the world including [ame=""]USA.[/ame] Do you want to know more about this prophecy? Then just click on this link.

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