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    You can always find some good news in the toughest of times. It looks like the free lunch is over for Nobel Prize winners:

    Nobel Prize Winnings Slashed 20 Percent
    The sagging global economy has caused the Nobel Foundation to scale back cash prizes to $1.1 million
    By Meg Handley
    June 12, 2012

    Nobel Prize Winnings Slashed 20 Percent - US News and World Report

    If the Nobel Foundation really wants to cut costs they can start by eliminating the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature. Those prizes are ludicrous. The Peace Prize has been political propaganda from the beginning. It’s so bad the Norwegian Parliament was given the task in Alfred Nobel’s will, although I never understood why Big Al thought Norway was less political than Sweden.

    The prize for economics is a propaganda joke, too, but as I recently learned that one is paid by the Sveriges Riksbank:

    Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A prize awarded by a European bank is more obscene than the propaganda prizes for “peace” and literature. The Sveriges Riksbank pays the Nobel Foundation for the use of the name. Nobel Prize for Economics sounds better than Sveriges Riksbank Prize for Economics. It’s like Betty Crocker paying the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences a fee to call a baking award Oscar.

    Don’t fret dear hearts. All is not lost. Another Swedish institution sent out an S.O.S.

    ABBA - S.O.S. 1975 - YouTube
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