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    1. “You've heard the stories, and maybe you know someone who has dipped his or her toes into the cesspool of campus liberalism. But you don't believe that campuses are as liberal as they say….Well, you can believe the hype. They are.

    2. The campus atmosphere, professors and many students are just as liberal, tree-hugging and socialism-loving as a conservative might imagine. How do I know? I have lived the nightmare for three years at Furman University in Greenville, S.C.

    3. From my first day on campus as a freshman, I have been assaulted by the liberal agenda. It began with orientation, extended to the classroom and explodes when conservative speakers come to campus.

    4. …orientation skits that all freshmen are required to attend are loaded with liberal propaganda. Burning bright with the fiery glow of white-hot feminism and "tolerance," each skit details "acceptable" sexual and social exploits that students are expected to engage in.

    5. …the lesson of the skits we were required to watch included a college woman having sex with as many men (and women) as she pleases. …And if the sex is a random hook-up between two people who don't know each other, the woman can claim it's rape.

    6. The skits also teach that calling someone "black" or "gay" is considered discriminatory language. We were taught that excluding atheists from religious organizations is hateful, and hosting speakers with conservative views is considered unsolicited hate speech.

    7. …only white conservatives can be criticized, labels are reserved for the racist, sexist, anti-Semitist and every other "ist" imaginable,…

    8. I wish I could say that the indoctrination ended there. In a university setting, the classroom should be a marketplace of ideas.But too often, in this marketplace the students can only buy what the professor sells.

    a. As a conservative political science student and ROTC cadet in one of the most polarized departments on campus, I have seen many professors discriminate…. a Muslim professor gave me a D on a paper I wrote about female discrimination in Islamic nations. In a private conference to discuss my grade, I was incredulous when he told me that my paper was a work of fiction, and that Muslim countries actually give more respect and rights to women than in Western nations.

    b. In my urban politics class, my professor became so tired of my opposition to smart growth that he actually told me to "just stop talking because I already know what you have to say" in front of our entire class.

    9. The worst chastisement erupts when a student steps out to host a conservative speaker. …I had the privilege through the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute of hosting Nonie Darwish, a human rights activist and founder of Arabs For Israel. The liberals were indignant. …campus Muslims were picketing outside, and campus police had arrived as "security."

    a. During the actual speech, the "Muslim Brotherhood" sat in the lecture and heckled Darwish relentlessly. I also learned that professors advised their students not to attend the lecture because they claimed "Darwish, a Muslim born and raised in Egypt, is a crazed, racist journalist who is not qualified to speak on Islam."

    10. …only the strong survive, and our kindred conservatives on college campuses nationwide are among the strongest of souls. This vibrant, expanding base of youthful conservative thought gives hope for the future but sheds a revealing light on the sad deterioration of our university system…. keep in mind that the horror stories you hear are true and make clear there's an ideological crisis facing America's young people on college campuses.”
    Believe The Hype Because College Campuses Are As Liberal As They Say - Investors.com

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