A "Tough Love" Message Needed

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    Getting Serious
    By Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
    December 6, 2005

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be spending the week in Europe and apparently the message she will deliver to our so-called allies is as undiplomatic as it is needed: Get serious. It is a message that a lot of other people in this country — notably the media and academia — should take aboard, as well.

    Some in Europe are in a swivet over unconfirmed press reports that the U.S. government has been secretly operating detention facilities in unnamed Eastern European countries and covertly transporting suspected Islamist terrorists through the continent's airspace and airports. Anti-American parliamentarians and bureaucrats have been howling that such alleged behavior violates Europe's norms and treaties and demanded full American disclosure and contrition.

    It is time to remind our friends that we are engaged in a war. It is a war we are fighting not just on our own behalf but on theirs, as well. For the Islamists we battle wish to destroy not just freedom in America, but also in Europe.

    The more sensible Europeans have begun to appreciate the gravity of their situation. The rioting in France is a foretaste of what must be expected from the populations of unassimilated, disaffected and poor Muslim immigrants who now reside in Western Europe by the millions. Their young people are being systematically recruited and radicalized by Saudi-funded Islamofascist clerics and organizations, particularly in prison.

    The danger has only been increased by the European practice of ignoring such problems as long as possible and then, when that is no longer sustainable, of trying to postpone the day of reckoning with appeasement. The outrage currently being expressed at reported CIA activities is, in part, a product of this syndrome.

    Condi Rice should impress upon her European interlocutors that neither we nor they any longer have the luxury of waging this war in a half-hearted and irresolute fashion. Our enemies are adept at using Western civil liberties to protect their operations from investigation and prosecution.

    Their apologists would risk our ability to enjoy liberty in the future by insisting that we eschew well-established, legitimate and necessary wartime techniques such as covert operations to deny our enemies insights into our counter-terrorism actions, and to defeat their efforts to destroy us. Neither America nor European nations interested in self-preservation can accede to such demands.

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