A retired U.S. NAVY Nurse!!!(VietNam)

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    :( As a vet of another one of America's bad wars, i can relate to a lot of our soldiers, today, and how they are dealing with, what now seems like an endless war. It has been going on since 2003, and a lot of our troops are tired, and are seeking an end to this death and turmoil, we are facing today.I cared for the vets, in Nam, and it was rough, seeing them struggling to survive, and i have also had to comfort the families of the troops who did not make it. Now, we face today, the choice to move on and hope for a better future for our people and our country, or stay and fight, in a country that wants us to leave, yet our leader and our government, is holding back.We have until December 31st, to make an agreement plan, with the Iraqi Parliament, as to the U.S. and Iraqi deadline.If we can't get the agreement, it could be dangerous for us to stay, and persue another 8 years, of uncertainty.

    Janet E. Moore

    American Independent Party(Moderate)
    Retired U.S. Navy Nurse ( VietNam)
    Proud to have served my country,and it's vets...
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