a real shaggy dog

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    There was this man and probably at this point in his life the thing he cared most about was animals. He owned a couple of cats and a dog and at his young age ( 23 ) those were the companions that he had with him the most. But that wasn't enough for him, he belonged to all the organizations that looked out after the welfare of animals. SPCA, the local humane society, PETA, Greenpeace, and a ton of others. He even used his spare time to volunteer at the local animal shelter.

    One day he was driving along the road and as he came over a hill he saw a little bunny right in his lane, being as how he loved animals he swerves to the left to avoid it but just as he does so the rabbit dodges that way also and the man ends up hitting the rabbit. He stops his car and jumps out and runs to the rabbit to see if there is anything that he can do. Unfortunately the rabbit is dead, the man sits down on the road and begins to stroke the rabbits fur and as he does so he begins to cry inconsolably.

    After about 10 minutes another car tops the rise and immediately slows to a halt. A beautiful young lady gets out and runs to the man, when she gets there she asks if he is all right, all he can do is point to the rabbit and sob. The women looks and then says " It will be all right I will be right back." She runs to her car and grabs something and runs back. The man look at her and sees that she is holding some sort of spray can in her hand. She then bends down and begins to spray the rabbit, after about 3 minutes the rabbit gets up and after blinking it's eyes a couple of times an waggling it's ears a couple of times begins to hop away from the man and the woman it goes about 10 yards and turns to the couple and waves the man is struck dumb and the woman just waves back. The rabbit continues this action, hopping a ways and turning and waving until it is over the hill and out of sight. The man finally regains his voice and says " What is that spray you have got. " She turns and says to him " Oh, it is nothing just a can of HAIR REVITELIZER WITH PERMANT WAVE. "

    If you want you can throw tomatoes at me when you see me.
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