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    Here is a wild idea for a veterans health plan. After seperation from the service you can sign on to the "veterans response plan". This plan will give you full medical, dental, optical, and life insurance for you and your family until you decide to opt out of the plan, be disqualified or retire from it.

    Opting out is easy you just submit paperwork and thats it.

    Disqualification is pretty straight forward, you have to meet the military physical fitness standards once a year, or your gone. You must be physically capable of doing your job or your gone.

    Retirement is easy also, when you retire and start social security you are retired from the plan but retain it for you and your spouse are a benefit.

    Whats required of the soldier is whats required out of the national guard. That they be ready to come back to active duty if the country needs them. They already have the knowlege, and training, and if they are fit and willing, why not. It is a perk for those who have served their country, and it is a perk open to all citizens. And this is how we might issue in a national health care system.

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