A lot of rain is falling

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    The list of Hussein’s faults were cleverly hidden by the media in 2008. The oldest sales trick in the book —— turning a negative into a positive —— was employed for everything; beginning with turning his stint as a community organizer into a plus.

    A clown who can’t utter a sentence without a Teleprompter was hailed as a superlative orator.

    Vague is Hussein’s natural state. Does anybody remember any of the crap he preached during the campaign in 2008 other than invoking the Vague Sisters? —— Hope & Change.

    Right from the start media mouths knew they had a moron on their hands; so naturally they sold him as brilliant.

    This year is different. The media can no longer hide the fact that the community organizer cannot organize the people who have a vested interest in sucking up to him let alone organize the country. Nor can the media hide the fact that he stumbles between inane comments and worn out campaign platitudes oblivious to the world around him. If he did not have communism’s failed ideology propping him up he would be a blank slate. Nor can he hide the fact that he is an abject moron.

    The question is: Why the hell isn’t Romney creaming Hussein in the polls? The only answer I have is that the polls are rigged by a media controlling elections with an iron fist and a forked tongue. I can understand conservatives not warming up to Romney, but even without conservatives he should be trouncing Hussein at this point, yet every day the media tells us they are in a statistical dead heat.

    On top of Hussein's unmasking a deluge of scandals is raining down on him. He says he is going to get angry at the Secret Service. Getting angry at the Secret Service might be the one thing he is telling the truth about. He is dumb enough to piss off the guys who protect him. I wonder how angry he’ll be when the public learns that the Secret Service is only cooling it until Beltway cathouses run a 2 for 1 sale? Nothing brings out big spenders like a twofer.

    Every time another scandal breaks, or an old one GETS WORSE, I can hear him and Michelle moaning this one:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye_JSIVl4z8&feature=player_embedded]The Ink Spots & Ella Fitzgerald - Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall - YouTube[/ame]
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