A Glimpse How This Man See's Women.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Eightball, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Ok guys.......bottom line from a guy married over 30 years.

    My wife like many women have honed the fine art of making men feel as though they are in charge.

    Manipulation? Women are the champs. Part of being good manipulators, is not letting the "manipulatee" know they are being manipulated. In fact the "manipulatee" must think that they are the "manipulator" in order for this system to be working at it's finest.

    I happen to fall into this category.

    Now, if you do know that you are a "manipulatee", don't let the "manipulator" know that your onto them, or you destroy the whole game in your marriage, and then you have to start all over-again.

    Remember men, when your wives talk to their girl friends about how helpless you are without them, just humor them, and play the "clown". This keeps those gals very happy and contented.

    Some will argue this point, but I believe that women are biologically wired upstairs to need to take care of us guys. If you want contentment, let them. It's a maternal thing. It's kinda like the saying, "Boys and their Toys(cars, tractors, guns, baseball, football, macho games, etc.). They may abhor these outlets that we like, but they really are glad that we are way we are, because it gives them fullfillment to watch over us.

    Now, when the rubber meets the road in life, and one of your children, get's into trouble, you will immediately notice that now "you" are supposed to be in control of the situation!!!!! Guys, this is when we get to shine or sink like the good old, Titanic.

    When junior or missy gets a kicked out of school or get's a DUI, all of a sudden, it's our responsibility, as our other halfs don't want to play the old "whose in charge" game at that time.

    Well, that's my two cents worth.

    I know I'm manipulated, and I smartly let her think I don't know. There are other times when I have to put my foot down.........Of course you need to interject the word, "Dear" lol........and take a measure of command that's real and not a set-up.

    Sometimes they(wives) want a "wusss" for a husband then other times, they want John friggen Wayne!

    Disclaimer: I love her........and it's been an adventure!

    I'm sure this is anonymous, or .......well, this could be a heck of a black mail letter against me. lol.
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    excellent :)

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