A Few Trillion Dollars Can Do Anybody Some Good(?)!

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    So, world povery is apparently now solved, and apparently in the courtroom: Someone was even heard to suggest that Dante's Satan could now create a fourth mouth to chew on the Jewish guy, forever.

    Congregations are now at their best! Clergy from South Chicago, and others from there, seem to know about these things. Minister Farrakhan knows about these things.

    Clearly, America is a nation of laws. It makes no difference who you are, or where you're from, or the color of your skin or your way of believing: If ever you find yourself at the bottom of the heap: Then you might as well be dead! Lawyers, especially, know this!

    You have no chance, ever again, at all! Nada You Now Have! No Chance! Even Zip you now have. Not even the three or four trillion dollars, from all the various spending programs, can help. It's all just an American Land of Opportunity, of the famous, "Blessings of Freedom," like is about to happen in Iraq. None of it is yours any more!

    How can this be, in Obama's America: No one asks? Actually, the Iranian President-Elect now even contends that Neda died under suspicious circumstances, with no Iranian Militia, apparently nearby. The Iranian President-Elect wants to know what became of that young congregation member from South Chicago!

    Somehow, the Persians seem to think it all just goes to pattern! Just maybe the Holy Father will agree--based on his own Christian Hitler Youth.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Meanwhile, Backstairs At the White House, everything appears right with the world after all, again--Back to Business As Usual! Clever Q has even arranged the communication device to chime, "Rule Britania:" So that after responding, "Crow, Here!" They'll never know it's me! Hundreds of Millions understand that!)
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