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    Well I haven't really written many poems but I'll post a few that I have written. I'm just startign to get te hang of it, so these are my "pre career" poems so to speak.

    Where Ours Roads Will Lead

    I lay here late at night
    my life flashed before my eyes
    I finally see something in my sight
    My childhood suddenly dies
    A realization comes over me
    What do I do next?
    My future I cannot see
    It's scary and complex

    My friends all are leaving soon
    I am left behind
    With childhood memories now long passed
    Something new I'm forced to find
    Sure, we will meet again someday, in the most unexpected place
    We will be grownups
    Be civil
    then carefully embrace
    No more meetings of fun of the things we once adored
    Like games and movies and staying up late
    We were never bored
    Of these things I took for granted
    Little things that were left ignored

    But they are all leaving and that i cannot change
    The things we did together
    I would not exchange

    So I am here to stay
    My friends all gone
    My love far away
    What am I to do now?
    We'll see today

    In the Years Gone By

    In the years that I've missed
    Not knowing or being able to touch you
    Never seem to matter whenever we kiss
    Every time we meet, always brand new

    So when you stay
    I'll never let you go
    Never want this moment to go away
    Stay here together as we grow

    I will always protect you from the bad
    Never a tear
    To never be sad
    Happiness is not a rainbow
    Because easy come, easy go
    Instead, it is what's inside you
    The glitter, the sticks, the glue
    So always look to you
    You can look to me too
    When life leaves you cold
    I will help you through
    Never told
    So until we meet again
    Remember me
    And how it had been

    Birthday Dreams

    What dreams may come
    Rather, what comes in your dreams
    Maybe it only happens to some
    but I know it somehow has happened to me
    where in my life did you come from?

    A few come but many go
    but we are in the wings
    got a backstage pass to this endless show
    we've got the simpler things

    When you think of me, and I think of you
    Just look to the stars in the sky
    the one thing I know is true
    I will never pass you by

    And through your years long past
    Though I've missed a few
    you can trust me this day won't be our last
    I'm glad to wish you Happy Birthday to you

    Ok one more....

    Dimming Silver

    Just before as a silver haze
    Something I never could explain
    Then the silver turned ablaze
    All the senses turned to pain

    As the smoke began to rise
    It shadowed all the hope
    All that was heard were fearful cries
    It was hard for us to cope

    Te silver began to dim to low
    The blood red sun now in view
    We were hit hard with one sift blow
    My worst nightmares came true

    And as I stand helpless and alone
    Watched my comrades fall
    My own life is felt condone
    I was never really alive at all

    Ok that's it enjoy...
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    Wow! those are some great poems there!:clap:

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