A Conservative Flick: "The Avengers"

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    The Conservative flick: “The Avengers” *SPOLER ALERT*

    1. So…I took the children to the movies to see the action flick “The Avengers”….and to my surprise, a political cautionary tale broke out!!

    2. Loki, the evil demi-god and half brother of Thor literally pops up on Earth, from Asgard, with energy, an army, and a plot to- of course, conquer the Earth. Pretty much the kind of action one would expect, and I sat back prepared to suffer the usual two empty hours….when Loki takes over an opera house in Germany, addresses the captive audience, telling them they must bow down and accept his as overlord….when he says the words that had me bolt upright in my seat! Loki announced that freedom was slavery! In cinema, there are no accidents….Why was Germany chosen for Loki’s announcement?

    a. In 1923 Georg Lukacs helped establish a Marxist research center at the University of Frankfurt. The Frankfurt School propagated a revisionistic Neo-Marxist interpretation of Western culture called Critical Theory, an aggressive promotion of a radical left-wing socio/political agenda. Western civilization, they taught, was built on aggression, oppression, racism, slavery, classism and sexual repression, and the solution was to destroy traditional beliefs and values….including the goal of freedom and liberty.

    b. Loki personified the Frankfurt School.

    3. To fight the threat, the invaders, Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson ) calls the disparate superheroes Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor. Reminiscent of another band who came together at short notice to save America….the Minute Men.

    a. Each has his own powers, and individuality, but the dominant superhero is Iron Man. This character is a wealthy industrialist, an inventor, a play boy who marches to his own drummer….Did somebody say Ayn Rand?

    4. Although Fury is at the center of the group, he is a human being sans superpowers….and only peripherally a part of the government. In fact, the government, for all intents and purposes, is a council of Congressmen….but is a thinly veiled euphemism for the President, as can be seen when the council orders a nuclear attack on Manhattan…an act only within the purview of a President/

    a. So, our “Avengers” arise to save the nation….kinda like the Tea Party, huh?

    b. In fact, after all the mayhem, the Senator from New York is shown being interviewed, calling for charges against the “Avengers” for all the damage done in defeating the enemy.

    5. I strongly recommend that all who haven’t seen “The Avengers” do so: it is an action packed feel-good movie that would serve as a wonderful jumping off point for instructing the kiddies, too!

    a. And special kudos to the writer-director, Joss Whedon. He certainly seems to have his head on straight.
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