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    We are inexorably linked to the US and it is hard to see how we will not be expected to get involved when a war against Iran starts. One million British people marching on Westminster did nothing to stop the war against Iraq, but ten million would make a difference. We should start preparing now to let our government know we will not accept any part in going to war against Iran.
    We now know, from the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraqi war, that the top legal advisors in the Foreign Office told Tony Blair a war against Iraq would be illegal and that this advice was kept from the Cabinet. As the decision to go to war was made without this information, it is incredible that so many politicians are still willing to say that Tony Blair did not mislead Parliament or the nation. Even more incredible is the fact that Tony Blair was allowed to use the Chilcot inquiry as a podium for a new war against Iran. During the inquiry he was allowed, without challenge, to mention Iran more than fifty times. This must have delighted the United Arab Emirates investment fund, Mubadala, which pays him £1m a year as an adviser. (Adviser? More like a 'hit' man!). Mubadala is now in talks with an American company called Occidental, to develop one of the largest oilfields in southern Iraq. Ummm, excuse me! The Iraqi war wasn’t supposed to be about oil … was it?
    It is not hard to believe thatTony Blair was courted by oil companies while he was still our Prime Minster and that his allegiance to them was his true motive for his absolute determination to wage war on Iraq, just as he is working with those oil companies now against Iran.
    Incidentally, the US have built up their military in the Gulf and supplied their arab allies with billions of dollars’ worth of weapons. One American Commander has claimed that the United Arab Emirates could now take out the entire Iranian airforce. So ... Iran is definitely their target then!
    Whether we agree with the Iranian administration or not, it is illegal to wage war on them without evidence that they have WMD's and are intent on using them against us. Iran may only be 'talking the talk', and trying to protect themselves from nuclear powers who border their country, so the whispering campaigns against them have started. In truth, the US is the hostile, nuclear-armed power lurking on Iran's borders. The US have WMD's, a fact we seem to find acceptable.
    Iran is not a threat to us ... yet .... and, unlike Iraq, have never invaded or occupied anyone else‘s territory, but Tony Blair and the US seem, once again, determined to make us think otherwise. Does the US really expect us to believe they would wage war on countries which definitely had WMD's? Rubbish! Why then, have they done nothing about Korea? No; much better to strike while Iran is defenceless. Iran's scramble to produce WMD's is a direct result of the latest US threat. It is an independent nation and that is something the US cannot and will not tolerate.
    Iran and Iraq never had an agenda against British and American citizens, but they have an agenda now caused by our corrupt governments.

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