99% of $1 million/year Taxpayers PAY double (22%) what middle class pay (11%)ALREADY!

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    in a spread sheet totally accessible by ANYONE that WANTS to can download from the IRS the following tax return spreadsheet for taxpayers in 2008.

    As ANYONE with half a sense of intelligence can see that:
    Of the 90.625 million returns 4.3 million with adjusted taxable income of over $200,000 paid an average of 26.13% in taxes
    The remaining 86.2 million returns UNDER $200,000 adjusted gross paid an average of 14.4% in taxes
    This means 4.3% of the taxpayers paid nearly 200% MORE then the other 95% of tax payers.

    200% in a tax rate AND these 4.3 million PAID OVER 2,252.7% MORE in taxes
    then the remaining 86.2 million!

    JUST the FACTS!!!

    View attachment $2008IRStaxreturns.xls.pdf

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