9:32 AM First Explosion Can Break The Pentagon Case Wide Open

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    Greetings to All:

    Real 911Truthers right this moment have the opportunity to help break the 9/11 Pentagon Case wide open by contacting the Arlington County Board and Arlington County Fire Department demanding a new investigation of the 9:31:39 AM ‘first explosion’ that has never been investigated by any Arlington County, Virginia State or Federal Law Enforcement Authority. Yes. You heard me correctly in saying that the first explosion at the Pentagon took place at 9:32 AM and not the 9:38 AM time included in the Arlington County After-Action Report (Page 200). The Official FAA Timeline of 9/11/2001 events places the aircraft crash into the west side of the Pentagon at 0932 (link), which is the same time taken from the Doubletree Security camera footage (pic) released in 2006. All of the 9:32 AM First Explosion evidence is laid out in my LetsRoll Opening Post (here) with the ‘two attack’ explanation appearing in the same Forum (here). Another great source of information placing the first Pentagon explosion at 9:32 AM is found by reading Barbara Honegger’s “The Pentagon Attack Papers” (here), even if she draws the wrong conclusions about the source of the original 9:31:39 AM attack.

    You can help break this Pentagon Case by joining me in writing the Arlington County Board representatives (here and here), also shown individually (here) demanding a new investigation of the 9:32 AM First Explosion that nobody has even investigated to date. Then we concentrate on writing James Schwartz (here) regarding the gross errors and omissions in the Arlington County After-Action Report itself including:

    1. First Explosion @ 9:38 AM, when the FAA Timeline says 9:32 AM.

    2. Omissions from the Official Reports from Fort Meyer Engine 161 and Foam Unit 331 (pic) recording ‘many explosions’ between 9:42 AM and 10:15 AM when the E-Ring Roof finally collapsed.

    3. Omissions from the testimony of Alan Wallace and Mark Skipper from on-station Foam Unit 161 who were injured in the original 9:32 AM attack (story).

    4. The ACAAR has been keyword sanitized to remove terms like “explosions” from the Report entirely, which has also been done to the 911Commission Report (here) the very same way; where both of these corrupt documents use the term ‘explosion’ exactly six times. All mention of 9:31 AM and 9:32 AM have also been removed from the Official ACAAR Report.

    5. The ACAAR says the E-Ring Roof collapsed at 9:57 AM, but time stamped News footage shows the roof collapsing at 10:15 AM (link) some seventeen minutes later.

    The key here is that someone has manipulated key firefighter timeline information to move forward the ‘first explosion’ from 9:31 AM to 9:38 AM and simultaneously moved back the E-Ring roof collapse from 10:15 AM to 9:57 AM in order to give the false appearance that a single explosion took down the E-Ring wall at near the same times. Since the first explosion actually took place at 9:31 AM and the E-Ring roof collapsed at 10:15 AM, then we have about 45 minutes between these ‘two’ events and the government has yet to produce a single time-change part from AA77 (story) to prove the FBI is even in possession of any crashed 100-Ton Jetliner.

    My Pentagon Timeline (here) contains precise times, to the second in some cases, taken from independent third-party sources proving beyond all doubt that we have been looking at ‘two attacks’ (top and bottom) and many ‘explosions’ ([ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WefPzgxvfS4"]video[/ame]) taking place over a 45 minute period to begin what Carol Valentine (from Public-Action.com = story) calls the 60-hour Witness Assassination.

    The weak link in the 911Truth chain is found within the Arlington County Board and the Arlington County Fire Department that must be forced into amending the errors in the ACAAR to match the evidence that includes a 9:31 AM first explosion investigation report (my 9:31 Topic) that will break this case wide open, when a sufficient number of voices rise up to demand ‘the’ truth be told in the Official Reports.


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    clearly, if you are going to make the argument that two different timestamps equal two completely separate attacks on the pentagon then the only logic assumption you can make by the different timestamps on the roof collapse must be that THERE WERE TWO COMPLETELY SEPARATE ROOFS!!!!

    (you are a fucking moron) :lol:
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    Hi Mr. Fizz:

    Mr. Fizz is the moron coming empty handed (pic) to my 911Truth Topics under the delusion that running his mouth means something. Mr. Fizz has 'no' Topics explaining the Official Cover Story LIE for the Flight 93 Topic and no thesis posted for the Pentagon Case! Right? Of course! If Mr. Fizz wants to push Official Cover Story LIES, then show us 'your' evidence!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2THs3oNooM]Mr. Fizz = Official Cover Story Loser ...[/ame]

    Here is a short list of my Topics. Where can we find work by Mr. Fizz the resident moron??? :0)


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