9-11 vs. KATRINA

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    9-11 vs. KATRINA
    There is not comparison when it come to responding. A monument has been built at the site where the world trade center stood, cost $700million to build now needs $1million per WEEK to run.
    How 9/11 memorial which cost $700million to build now needs $1million per week to run | Mail Online
    But we don’t have money to rebuild home (lives) for victims of Katrina. Trailers that were given them were unfit to live in and had to be destroyed. New Orleans never to the money the government promised them. And “man of the cloth” Huckaee make fun of Obama when he talked about it as needing to take lessons from “Honey Boo Boo” on how to speak southern? WTF Huckabee? No matter where or whom Obama speak to he always speak the language of all Americans. Maybe Huckabee feels he “talks too white?” Obama don’t have to talk “southern” when he talks before a group of Southerners.
    When Andrew hit Florida the response was prompt. What does all this tell you? You have to be a Village Idiot like Huckabee not to know.
    Huckabe no one is going after Romney’s Mormon faith like the radical right went after Obama’s faith and still is when the occasion arises.
    Man of the Cloth Huckaee need to take a lesson from his own faith and ask himself if he is qualified to cast the first stone at Obama and remove the speck in Obama’s.


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