7 Things You Can Do To Change America, by yourself, without joining any groups

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    1. Educate yourself on what is happening with issues of personal concern. You do not have to be an authority on all issues. Choose what your own interests are. You will speak with more conviction and desire about things you care about personally. Do research on the internet or at the library so that you speak accurately. Check the definition of words you are using if you are in doubt about what exactly they mean. In most controversial debates people will use any opportunity to discredit your opinion.

    2. Read Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell. These books were written by a man, George Orwell, who experienced fist hand the Spanish Revolution against the fascist royalty in Spain in the 1930’s and then, after barely escaping these authorities with his life, was under the dictate of the Stalin Regime. After writing the books, they became an incomparable tool to illustrate how governments can manipulate a population of people to a point of being subject to an overbearing government. They are short easy to read books and have been on High School read lists at least since the 1950’s. Animal Farm describes how the progressive politicians change the lives of their “comrades” to an unrecognizable state. The book 1984 is where we get the phrase “Big Brother is watching.” It describes a country where the government has monitoring and spy mechanisms in place to monitor all activities of its citizens and the resulting effect on the lives of that population. If you read them years ago, read them again in the light of current conditions in America. The parallel to today’s events will stand out even more than you might think and you can sharpen your perception of what is going on around you.
    Animal Farm George Orwell ISBN 978-0-451-52634-2
    For Audio book on tape call 1-800-628-1304 ISBN 1-55690-018-X
    1984 by George Orwell isbn 0-452-28423-6

    3. If you can speak your opinion better than you can write it, speak up when opportunity presents itself. Avoid becoming excited or angry when speaking. You can make a point more solidly if you speak with a calm attitude and confidence. Knowing that you are concerned about the outcome of the conversation, you should back away if you begin to loose control of your emotions. You may have already made your point and becoming emotional will only damage your influence as a credible source.

    4. If you can write your opinion better than you can speak it, start writing. After writing your opinions, you can find a variety of ways to get the word out. Be carful of posting your papers or digital copies in inappropriate places. You will not get the message out and may only draw unwanted negative results. Once you have written your opinions, you may find it much easier to speak about them.

    5. Speak out on the Internet. Talk about the issues you are concerned with in the social discussion groups you frequent such as chat rooms, Facebook and My Space. This has become a very powerful way to voice an opinion. Use videos and links in your comments to illustrate the basis of your discussion. Use them to promote and support your opinion or to illustrate where you agree or disagree with someone or something.
    If you want to create a blog to post and retain your thoughts and ideas for others to view, this is a very good way to refer to them using links instead of passing the whole article on via email or discussion post. I suggest WordPress. It is free for public use and very easy to use. I use Wordpress to generate this Blog.

    6. Vote on Election Day! Make yourself familiar with people running for office. Vote for city, county, state and federal candidates who you find to represent your views. Vote in state elections as well as federal elections. There is a movement for States Rights that may very well become more powerful than the federal level of government in deciding things that affect your life personally.

    7. Call, fax, and/or email your government representatives about issues you disagree with. They may have the opinion that they do not need to ask you your opinion after being elected, but when a large number of the voters contact them about an issue, they may have second thoughts about voting against the people who put them in office after having direct and current contact.

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