2 separate shootings in Liverpool area.....but, didn't they ban guns or something?

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    Yep.....gun violence is on the rise on the Island nation....they banned guns, they confiscated guns, they made their citizens defenseless...but the criminals still have guns...and they are using them more and more...

    Police cordon off two Liverpool streets after separate shootings - update

    A police cordon is in place in Grandison Road amid reports of 'four to five gunshots' this morning and police have confirmed shots were fired a few miles away in Norris Green overnight. At this stage the two incidents are not being linked.

    Already, an update...

    Neighbours explain why they think man was shot at in Norris Green

    A man who was chased and had shots fired a him may have been targeted because of an argument over push-bikes.

    The man, in his 20s, was found by police, following the potentially deadly incident at around 9.25pm last night, near a house in Wellesbourne Road, in Norris Green .

    Police confirmed that man was the target of the gunfire , but confirmed he is "safe and well". they said there was evidence that at least two shots had been fired.

    The ECHO was told by people living in the area, that the gunfire happened following a dispute over bikes, and that tempers flared at a party where "things got heated".

    One man, who did not want to be named, said: "There was one clap, then a pause, then a second clap and a pause, then a third....it wasn't bang, bang, bang all together."

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