"2, 2, The Lily White Boys, To Be UnClothed In Gre-en Ho(?)--And UnInsured(?)!"

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    The Detroit Free Press, and others, have noted: "That during the Depression, The U. S. Supreme Court upheld a federal law that essentially forced farmers to buy wheat from others if they ran short." The challenge from a least one farmer was that he was self-insuring his family against a shortage. The Supreme Court upheld the mandate instead.

    The article, and others, further noted that the Second Militia Act of1792 ordered weapons and ammunition ownership to protect against a national attack.

    Even during the Civil War, there was not such mandate for health care, and so a war wound was essentially a death sentence.

    "What is the California Grade Medical Marijuana, For(?)!" No one asks. Like health care, it is even improving! THE GREEN RUSH: 'Master growers' cultivating a higher grade of marijuana - latimes.com

    Were there to be a Northern Japanese nuclear disaster, all over Europe and Asia: Then would the United States be able to compel national protective clothing: That actually met federal protective standards? Employers now draw from a national pool of clothed labor. Schools now draw from a national pool of clothed students. All levels of government draw from the pool.

    The Individual Mandate in the Affordable Health Care Act is not a prescription to purchase Blue Cross. Especially in California, that would be hard to enforce. See, for example, Second Militia Act of 1792.

    In California: It is not even a mandate to buy a preferred grade of marijuana, over a lesser grade of Marijuana. Anyone does see the need for federal standards in these matters!

    "Green Slime" in the product, would probably need a federal regulation.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Will Conservatives take away national mandate to protect market economies: Like when it took markets on lands of many nations away(?)!)
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