16 Ways to Crush the Donald

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    I'm not a big fan of most of Trump's policies, but there is not much doubt in my mind that forces (mostly unelected)
    in DC have been working to bring him down for a long time. I think we have to try to put passions and politics aside and think critically about how letting the unelected bring down an elected official might change our democracy forever.

    One of the most truthful things that has been said by an elected official came from Chuck Schumer when he slipped that the intelligence community has "16 ways ''til Sunday" to get back at you. Because of that I wrote this piece of fluff meant to go along to the old Paul Simon song "50 ways to leave Your Lover."

    Old Mr. Trump can be a mean one yes-sir-ee
    That's why his foes all want to bring him to his knees
    Soon as his party's out of power then you'll see
    The 16 ways we crushed the Donald

    Make a dossier Ray
    Call the FISA judge Bud
    Get that wire tapped Jack
    And listen to me

    Just go on and cluck Chuck
    You don't need to say that much
    Blame the Russian plan Stan
    It's for the good of the country

    You don't need to have much evidence it's true
    If all you want to do is stage a little coup
    Just wrap yourselves up in that red white and blue
    And learn the 16 ways we crushed the Donald

    Go on CNN Ben
    Turn up that heat Pete
    Now the cards are stacked Mac
    Leave it all in our hands

    Call the CIA Jay
    They got 16 ways 'til Sunday
    Try the FBI Di
    It was all in our plan

    And we can do it again
    Any day now, we can do it again
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