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Hello there! I am new here! Nice to meet everyone...
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I’m Richard and also fairly new. Are you technically astute?
I’m not, can’t figure out most of the stuff here. Maybe you know how people are able to bring news stories in to the forum ?
Take care
Notice that you mention NM often. I went to school in Las Cruces and Deming in the 60's. Are you in the southern part of the state?
Nope. I live in Florida. I mention NM cause they went for Biden and he promptly landed over 11,000 on the unemployment line. I'd guess those New Mexicans that voted for his stupid ass are regretting it just as everyone who voted for him will.
Concerned American
Concerned American
I agree. Enjoy FL. My brother lives in the Tampa area and he is loving it. I live in WA now and it is opposite of FL. Our leftist government is using exactly the opposite policies of DiSantis. I live on the conservative side and the gov. uses lockdowns punitively here. We're screwed because the population on the west side dictates to the rest of the state.
I love our Governor he's a great guy and makes great decisions for this state. To bad you live in WA. Move on down buddy. LOL
Welcome to the battles! LOL. Nice to see another local--we are from Stevens County.
Thanks! I'm up here in Whatcom, a few miles from Canada. Been a PNWer most of my life.
Concerned American
Concerned American
I guess the emperor has been magnanimous to us and he's going to "let" us go to phase 2 a day early. Do you know how to go about getting a recall effort started? I would like to explore that option.

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