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bodecea, you either know that what I say about blacks is true, or you have had the good fortune to know few blacks. Those few were exceptional, or they occupied subordinate positions without resentment. They were credits to their race, but they were not typical of it.
Welcome to the board and the battles.
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The Duke
The Duke
If it wasn't for battles, there's no point in being here! :D

PS: I think you should be at least a double-bar Colonel.
There are several factors to consider when choosing a bookmaker in Asia. The best Asian bookmakers should have odds on a wide variety of sporting events, including the World Cup and the Euro. Most Asians follow soccer and soccer, so they should be familiar with European leagues such as La Liga and Serie A. Asian bookies cover many sports, including the Olympics and domestic leagues.
You definitely deserve a follow!! :D
The Duke
The Duke
You reported my OP, didn't you, you fuck?
No I didn't. I liked what you had to say. I was just notifying you of the rules is all. A lot of mods are part of the welcome wagon. Hopefully you can believe me.
Good, I'm glad it looks like you believe me because I don't do that to people I like. :)
Can you clarify your report concerning the the police? It just notes "repeat"

Reported content: Post in thread 'Florida Police Officer Arrested for Assault against Fellow Officer'​

It's a repeat topic. As are half the things posted here.
Sorry I've barely been around at all. A lot has happened over the last few months.

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