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Soo .. I've been seeing you around and fully appreciating what your dishing out. It seems like your posting with a smile and having fun doing it.

Me, great with irons and an embarrassing tragedy with woods, the more help I get the worse it goes, pretty good around trees though.. :laugh:
Hi! Yes I'm only here to ridicule and laugh at the marxist animals. I hate them and their tactics.... it probably shows. If you need any advice on the golf swing just holler. I'm a student of the swing. Have fun bashing the substandard Dims!! ;);)
Lumpy 1
Lumpy 1
I'm somewhere between pity and hate but laughter is a constant.. Golf .. it's good times, insults and friends, old fart stuff.. ;)
Seriously...our country has gone insane! Glad you're still posting here :)
I dudn't look at this until now. Thanks.
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Glad that you're posting here on the USMB, I definitely like the attitude and humor...
It appears that grumpy Lumpy is back, thanks for your support and thanks for your insightful posts and such.. I don't catch them all but I do try.
I see you forgot to say the rams still play in St. Louis as well when you were imitating the lies of wrongwingersbabble he spouts here everyday on his lies about Oswald firing a shot.comedy gold
Hello, i hope you are doing well ? some people are asking about you like depotoo, i hope to see you around soon :)

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