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Zelensky´s advisor threatens to change sides


Nov 14, 2012
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As the Ukrainian military is falling apart and Zelensky deploys his untrained killer forces, his advisor threatened to change sides and opened a new prospect for the EU: A united Russian-Ukrainian-Belarusian military force that attacks Europe.

"Everyone saw how we can fight. And then all this will go to Europe. And where then will the amusing European troops be able to stop the union of Russia and Ukraine, if such happens, and plus Belarus?", he said.

This is not a friendly way to ask for more arms but we must understand: Ukraine is the West´s military deployment against Russia and now they receive maybe one artillery piece each month! Of course that could be seen as betrayal in Ukraine. Ukraine must understand: Being the West´s useful idiot doesn´t pay off. Saddam Hussein knows it, the Kurds know it, those in Penghazi know it. They will let you down, they are just the total absence of values, there is no honor in them. They are the shit you slip on and break your neck the day they consider your service no longer needed. Zelensky must now talk to the Russians as long as there is still something he´s president of.

(source is english, if its online again)

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