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Dec 4, 2013
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The republican stance to approach immigration piecemeal is the right way to address the problem, and I would even go so far as to say only one thing needs to be done about immigration aside from securing our borders. All the talk about citizenship is really a solution looking for a problem.

I have worked a number of Spanish speaking men and actually have a Mexican captain who has worked for me for twenty five years. As long as they give me a social security number for tax purposes I don't ask a lot of questions. We get boarded often by the coast guard so I figure if there are any problems they will find it. I don't seek these people out but when I can't find acceptable crew members for whatever reason I have to take what I can get. The labor pool is not very extensive in my business. And for those waiting to post about cheap labor I pay anyone who works for me the same no matter what their background.

These immigrants legal or illegal are not worried about politics. They don't really care about voting, they just want to go about their lives without a lot of hassle. Their biggest concern is not having to live in the shadows. They would be more than willing to live by the rules if the rules were simple, easy to follow, and unemcumbered by endless bureaucracy. I have tried to help some get their papers and I can tell you that the govt makes it nigh near impossible for a regular person to do everything right. I know there will be some here who say screw em, let them get in line or go back where they came from and I can understand this sentiment, but most just want to work,are hard workers, and have no devious designs on America.

My idea is to make it easy tobe legal and easy to be illegal, and by legal I do not mean citizenship, I mean make it simple to get a work permit which has to be kept current to work here. Romney could have won the election with this plan:
I will use the private enterprise of which I am so fond of promoting to address our immigration policy. When I am elected pres I will have ups,fedex, and the us postal system pass out free forms in Spanish and English for our illegals to fill out. Those who fill out the forms will have no legal action taken against them. Those illegally in this country who do not fill out the forms within a years time will be sent back to their countries without zconsideration. Those who fill out the forms can return them to ups, fedex, or the us postal service for free delivery to a private processing center. The processing center will review all forms, cross reference with govt agency records, and either approve or deny the requests based only on criminal records. These forms will have fingerprint and family records. Applicants will have their requests answered in six months or less. If approved the applicant will receive a work permit good for one year anywhere in the country and good as I'd anywhere in the country. It would not grant citizenship, not apply to any other member of the family, and not relieve the holder of paying any taxes required in any jurisdiction. The permit would have to be produced during any interaction with local state, and fed authorities. And so on............

In this way we could track undocumented people, track employer usage of foreign labor, and make law enforcement much simpler. Anyone wanting to get citizenship could follow the same path as everyone else but in the meantime they would not have to continually look over their shoulders. This first step is humane and practical and is really all that is needed to address the illegal alien problem. Make it easy to be legal and easy to be illegal.

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Aug 15, 2012
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Good ideas, although a tamper proof national ID card would probably have to be issued to all Americans in order to make the system work without discriminating against certain ethnic groups.

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