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Feb 13, 2013
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I think I mentioned it in another thread but decided this one will suffice in case some want to do the same thing I did.

I was thinking about those dogs and cats in the pound..laying on cold cement. There isn't much I can do for them, what with my limitations, but I CAN donate what they need. So this gal calls and she and I connect immediately. She said they have a wish list, as most pounds do. Blankets that have no stuffing, no electric blankets, not big bulky blankets. Just regular blankets they need all the time. And bath towels. Those they use for the kitty enclosure cages. And they really really really want a bigger washing machine cuz they wash blankets until they fall apart...but need a commercial washer. Sure wish I had the money cuz I would buy them one. I'm going to call around tmorrow and see if any of the local appliance stores have any they would donate...or sell at their cost, so those animals can be comfortable..not just for xmas either...all winter long. And the phone has been ringing here for the past hour with people stating they, too, collect towels, throws, blankets and when I am ready...holler, and they will swing by my house and pick up what I have and deliver with their own stuff THEY collected. So the drive is on!!

Does your local dog pound have a wish list? :eusa_angel:

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