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World leaders pledge billions in aid for Syrians


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Mar 22, 2012
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Now if only the fighting would stop.

World leaders pledge billions in aid for Syrians

A one-day conference held in London has raised billions of dollars for Syrians impacted by the ongoing war. The event came as world leaders find themselves at odds over how to end the conflict.

The EU, the United States, Germany and Britain were among the countries that pledged to donate more than $11 billion (10 billion euros) to victims of the war in Syria on Thursday, just a day after peace talks intended to end the conflict came to a halt in Geneva.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the pledge the largest donation for a humanitarian crisis ever raised in a single day.
"Today's achievements are not a solution to the crisis - we still need to see a political transition," British Prime Minister David Cameron said as the one-day conference in London came to an end.
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World leaders pledge billions in aid for Syrians | News | DW.COM | 04.02.2016?

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