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Why we should fund elections


Nov 4, 2012
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Washington (state)
A realistic fear many people have is that a politician can receive a gross amount of money and win an election unfairly due to better funding. This can happen for a number of reasons, namely by representing the wealthier portion of the country, or the wealthiest. How we can stop this from happening is by giving popular candidates a government funded election budget while banning political donations.

Why is this a problem? Simple. A politician who would normally receive less votes will win an election, and impose something the people don't want. This could be anything, a new tax hike, a cut to a relief program, an expansion of government, a new war, or an attack on the constitution. Imagine the candidate you hate imposing something like that due to the sponsorship of billionaires, you would be galvanized with anger.

This needs to be illegal. Democratic principles, like having fair elections, are being broken when one when a wealthy few control an election over many.

There are obviously some arguments against this. For instance why pay for this with a tax increase which could cost jobs? Well, what do taxes do? They take money from people and give it to the government to spend. Political donations are exactly like that economically. They are collected from the people for the candidates to spend. It costs jobs when donors don't spend the money they give to politicians.

So remember, this plan will strengthen our democracy, and it will not hurt the economy.

Please respond if you would support this plan.

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