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Why does the new Trump plan in Afghanistan seen so familiar?


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Sep 28, 2016
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Trump railed against the Afghanistan war. He blamed Obama & the generals, He called the generals stupid. He PROMISED a new plan to win. We waited & waited & waited.

Last night he heard the new plan.

There was no new plan.

The stupid asswipe does not understand that we announce plans to attack certain cities in order for civilians to have a change to flee. Fuckhead Trump would just bomb & put civilians in between us & the enemy.

No one ever tried to work with Pakistan. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. The orange idiot knows nothing about Pakistan.

When you take out a government, like we did in Iraq & Afghanistan.

But hey, from the man who ran for election on the US acting on its own. Now endorses the Obama approach of building a consensus.

Trump now puts war under military leadership & allows them to do whatever they want & takes out civilian leadership.

Then the sniveling weasel takes credit for military actions in place at the end of the Obama administration.

And who knew our soldiers in the past were too stupid to fight to win?

Supporting the Afghan army. Wow that is so new.

A Republican saying how they would never do nation building. We never heard a Republican say that before. Nooooooooooooooo.


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Jul 15, 2014
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Soon Exxon will be in there drilling and our mining companies in there mining. He will build the American Nation. Remember he said why should China get the minerals and why didn't we get the oil in Iraq. We have it now , or Exxon has it,they made a deal with the Kurds.

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