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Zone1 Why do you need gods?


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Jun 20, 2012
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Hollie, we think differently. Because I see green, am I any more special than the blind? In many ways, the blind have the higher rank. There are many people of faith who have no other knowledge or experience. They are of higher rank than the latter.

Do you know what I cannot grasp, but still push toward the possibility: It is all energy, therefore illusion...that there is no reality, although that concept of reality is undeniably persistent.

This being the case, all of us--those who cannot perceive green, who cannot perceive God, who cannot perceive reality as illusion--are in the exact same and equal rank. Am I welcoming you to the club, or am I welcomed into your club? Equal and the same.
The color green, like other colors is a function of light in the visible spectrum with an identifiable wavelength. There’s no illusion about wavelengths of light. There are photons of energy which are measurable. Electrical current to power a table lamp is the flow of electrons along a wire. Yes, that’s a difficult concept to understand but it doesn’t suggest that the gods are herding those electrons along the wire. What is unique about the god energy that makes it is impossible to measure so we have to rely on a relatively few people who have a claimed ability to “perceive” the energy?

Your claimed perceptions of a partisan god are remarkably similar to others who have perceptions of different gods. Could the illusion of the Christian God be yours and Amun Ra be the true God your perceptions have misinterpreted?

I don’t accept the purely philosophical argument that reality is an illusion. Our actions have here and now consequences. The whole “brains in a jar” thing is fun at a late night dorm party but when you have an 8:00 am class the next morning… not so much.


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Oct 21, 2014
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It’s just an illusion you’re experiencing.
True! And the follow-up questions to be mulled...Is the illusion an illusion?

That is why I continually go back to green and the blind...it doesn't matter because...I matter...(am matter); we all matter...(all are matter).

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