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Why Are Dems So Negative?

red states rule

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May 30, 2006
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Every election, Dems make the same doom and gloom speeches. They say who rotten things are in America, how to many people are living terrible lives, and how the "rich" need to pay more in taxes so the government can fix your problems

Can you see Pres Reagan telling America all is lost because of the mess Pres Peanut left him? Or how you will never make it life without a government program?

The current drop of Dems need to get a grip

Reclaiming the mantle of optimism

By: Bernard L. Schwartz
Jun 20, 2007 07:07 PM EST


The 2008 Democratic presidential candidates would be wise to note that unwarranted negativism is dangerous and badly underestimates the strengths of the American people to adapt to and prosper with change.

America and Americans will fail, so the argument goes, unless we hunker down, raise trade barriers, reduce deficits and defer investments in innovation, research and job-creating initiatives.

This is a flawed argument. We know our economy is resilient. Over the past seven years, we've weathered the bursting of the tech bubble, the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, two expensive wars, Hurricane Katrina, a housing slump, gas at $3 a gallon and oil at $75 a barrel -- and still our economy continues to prosper and grow.

A low unemployment rate, 4.5 percent interest rates, robust private equity investments -- these are trademarks of a healthy economy, not an ailing one.

230-year head start

We know our economy is unrivaled in sheer size and wealth. Our gross domestic product is three times that of Japan and six times that of the United Kingdom. Our per capita GDP -- the best indicator of living standards -- is 64 times that of India and 26 times that of China.

The dollar is the world's leading currency. Our markets are the largest and our society the most stable. The level of foreign investment in America, one could argue, is a testament to our strength and stability.

We know our economy has legal, financial and social institutions that lie at the heart of our economy's dynamism and are unsurpassed by any of our competitors.

We have a 230-year head start on democracy over China and a free enterprise system supported by strong and transparent capital markets, legal protections for intellectual property and a democracy that is unparalleled for the mobility it provides its people and capital, and for its promotion of entrepreneurship and individual creativity. All that's required for continued growth and prosperity is political will and leadership.


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