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Who's More Stupid, the 75% Or The 25%?


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Sep 5, 2011
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I'm with 1srelluc....get rid of the 25%.

The democRATS may be jumping the sinking ship they created, but WHERE do they think they are going to go?
We have GOP tax rates and Dems can't pass anything....This is a GOP country for 40 years...a disaster.


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Oct 15, 2015
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I asked you:

Whats your SOURCE for polling? No answer.
Who is ignoring inflation? No answer.
Do you refute that majority of Americans almost always think country is going in the wrong direction? No answer.
Why do you keep replying to me without answering anything? No answer.

So final questions: what the fuck is wrong with you? Who dropped you on your head so hard you can't answer anything directly?
If you are so unaware of your surroundings you should not be here debating. Even Democratic politicians and the lefty media acknowledge that the midterms are going to be brutal to Democrats. If they can acknowledge that then why can't you? Hey, I'm perfectly fine with your head being stuck so far down into the sand. 75% of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction and your response is, "So what? Full steam ahead to the iceberg. We shouldn't pay any attention to what our constituents say."

Most of my life I have been a right leaning independent who has voted a mix parties and candidates for decades. For the presidency, I voted for Obama the second time, Al Gore, and Clinton the second time. In other races I have written people in and voted for independents and third parties. It drives me crazy when both sides ignore voters and push ahead with their agenda. Around 2008 Obama said that elections have consequences and yet when Republicans won big in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016 Obama completely forgot that elections have consequences. Democrats have moved so far left now that there are very few I would vote for and they never listen to the voters. It's always push ahead with the agenda, to hell with what the voters think.

I would like to see BOTH parties actually listen to the voters. It only makes sense. We have deteriorated to a winner take all mentality that if you win an election by one vote then you try to cram your values down the 100% and use your power for witch hunt investigations of the other side and changing any and all laws possible to consolidate your party so that you can never lose again. Democrats accuse Republicans of this all the time but they accuse while at the very same time they are doing it themselves.
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