Who Is Jared Taylor?

William Joyce

Chemotherapy for PC
Jan 23, 2004
And why doesn't the left want him to speak?


A couple of protesters shoved him into a hallway but were prevented from manhandling him further by an opponent who had come to hear what Mr. Taylor had to say.

Prior to that incident, most of the demonstrators swore loudly at Mr. Taylor and told him to get out of town. At one point in the tense confrontation, several protesters surrounded him and tossed torn copies of pamphlets he had brought with him at his head.

Others banged on noisemakers and hooted and hollered.

"Leave! Leave! The message is clear!" anti-racist activists yelled at Mr. Taylor. "Get out! Get out! Exit the building!" they said.

Nota bene: if a group of white students did that to a black speaker, the RCMP would have them all in custody now.

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