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Whites Don't Speak for Asians, and Asians Who Pretend to Be White...


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Nov 2, 2017
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There is a tendency by white racists to use Asians as the "Model Minority", ignoring the fact that Asians haven't had things like Genocide and Slavery as part of their American experience.
Chinese were de facto slaves throughout the American West//1840 to 1940// Pograms were common with mass lynchings and murders the order of the day. They were not allowed to be citizens, nor allowed to vote. One could shoot a Chinese person dead on the streets of San Francisco with no charges or even public opprobrium.
I think the reason whites view them as the 'model minority' is that the Chinese were careful to accumulate money...and stay out of he mainstream..for generations.

Most Asians that I know are unabashedly certain of their superiority..to the point of not really being aware of it--it just forms their world view.
But the Chinese paid their dues in this country..as did the Japanese
The difference in where they ended up..on that great chart of races in our country--was that they clung to their culture and to their families.

Blacks, in this country, had the option of doing neither.

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